You’ve got eyes like a hawk if you can spot the egg hidden in these Great British Bake Off goodies

Great Britain’s Bake Off returns to TV this September, and with it comes a brand new brainteaser that will dazzle bright-eyed fans.

Everyone has noticed This Morning presenter Alison Hammond has been given the extra job of co-hosting the baking show alongside Noel Fielding, who has been at the helm since 2017.


You have incredible eyesight if you can spot an egg among these ingredients Credit: Replay PokerThe Great British Bake Off returns with Alison Hammond at the helm


The Great British Bake Off returns with Alison Hammond at the helm Credit: Channel 4

However, you have the eyes of a hawk if you can spot a single egg hidden among tons of GBBO-themed treats, cake ingredients and baking equipment.

People are pouring over the image created by Replay Poker, which includes everything you can see in the new Channel 4 series.

Carefully search the sea of ​​rollers and whisks, macaroons and cakes, doughnuts, cakes and brownies to see if you can spot the egg.

There are about 15 copies of each item in the image, which makes the task even more difficult for our eyes.

Can you spot it? If not, we’ll give you a clue.

Look at the top left corner of the picture.

You will see a carton of milk next to a biscuit, a cookie and a bowl of flour.

In the middle of it all is that boring egg.

It’s not the only brain teaser circulating the internet that makes our eyes strain in search of success.

There’s another fascinating image that invites viewers to find four falling apples among a sea of ​​leaves – and it’s a lot harder than it seems.

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Meanwhile, optical illusion enthusiasts can test their spotters to find the tiger that has settled into view.

The pressure is off when you find the egg in this new baking-themed teaser, but the temperature will be heating up in the famous GBBO tent for the next ten weeks.

A dozen other baking contestants will gather in the famous outdoor kitchen in a bid to win the coveted Great British Bake Off trophy – and of course, a handshake from Paul Hollywood.

Alongside Paul will be the legendary Prue Leith, who will return with her hilarious allusions and one-liners to keep the contestants laughing through challenging times.

It’s all changing for the series this year, with Matt Lucas out of the picture, plus there will be no nationally themed weeks such as Japanese and Mexican, due to viewer backlash over racism and ‘cultural appropriation’.

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Look for the hidden egg in the upper left corner of the puzzle


Look for the hidden egg in the top left corner of the puzzle Credits: Replay PokerA new series of The Great British Bake Off has arrived


A new series of The Great British Bake Off has arrived, credits: Channel 4

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