Zelda: Ocarina of Time – Who Malon’s Mother Is (& Why She’s Important)

exist The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, the player will meet a young girl named Malon, her father Talon and their farm maid, Ingo. However, at no point in the game does the player have a chance to meet her mother – although she plays an important role in Link and his adventures. Ocarina of time was the first game to bring Link and the kingdom of Hyrule to 3D, but its impressive features go beyond the graphics – giving players a layered story with some nuance.

from start to finish Ocarina of time Throughout the story, players will encounter a vast world of characters and races. One of such characters is Malon, a young girl she first met in the castle town of Hyrule, where she commented on Link’s green tunic and nicknamed him as Fairy Boy. Link will meet Malone again at night, singing along the path leading to Hyrule Castle. Here, she will show Link a strange unhatched egg and ask him to use the hatched egg to wake her father when Link meets him at the castle.

Malon is clearly more responsible than her father, who, unlike his daughter, is depicted throughout as lazy and inattentive. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of TimeTherefore, it can be assumed that Malone inherited from his unnamed and unnamed mother. But even though her mother never appeared in the game, she clearly had a huge influence on Malone and left a lasting mark on Talon. This can be seen in the way Talon reacts when Link talks to him while wearing the Gerudo mask. Ocarina of timeSeeing Link wearing this mask, Talon’s first words were that it reminded him of his wife. This comment, combined with Malon’s fiery red hair (a difference between her and Talon, who has dark hair), makes Malon’s mother a member of the Gerudo race.

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The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time – The Importance of Marlon’s Mother

Meaning of Mama Malone Ocarina of timeHowever, she is not her. Instead, it’s an easily overlooked role she plays in Link’s adult life; when the player first sees Malon singing outside Hyrule Castle, she is singing Ocarina of timeFamous Melodies – Epona’s song (although neither Link nor the player know what it means). After this encounter, Link will eventually move to Lang Lang Farm, where he was a child. Here, he will meet Malone again, this time among the horses. Malon will sing again, and after meeting Fairy Boy again, she will continue to teach Link Epona songs. Here Malone reveals that the song was actually written by her mother.

Play Epona’s song Ocarina of time As an adult, he will call Link – this angers Ingo, who took over Talon when Hyrule was ruled by Ganondorf. Talon saved Epona himself for King Grudo, but because he did not know Epona’s song, he was unable to tame her. However, thanks to this song by Malon’s mother, Link and Epona unite and escape together from Lon Lon Ranch after Ingo tries to lock them there. Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of timeLink can summon Epona to him from anywhere in Hyrule Field just by playing Epona’s song on his ocarina. The two can then speed through Hyrule together as Link attempts to awaken the Sage and lead his noble steed to free the kingdom from Ganondorf’s tyrannical rule.

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