10 Best Bat-Gadgets Hidden In Batman’s Utility Belt

To aid in his crime-fighting career, Batman has one of the best tools at his disposal to ensure he has everything he needs on hand. Bruce Wayne’s utility belt is one of the most important must-haves in the Batman franchise, with the hero known for having many useful tools hidden inside his belt.

The weapons on Batman’s belt have changed over the years, with Bruce constantly replacing his tools with newer and better items. But there are only a few items worth mentioning, and the following ten items are the best things to have on Batman’s belt.

10 smoke bombs

This is one of Batman’s classic gadgets that allows him to get out of difficult situations quickly. Batman has been trained in the art of stealth by some of the world’s best warriors, often using smoke grenades when attacking to confuse his enemies and hide his presence. Smoke grenades can also provide Bruce with cover when he needs to escape, or help him rescue hostages. For whatever reason, Batman almost always carries a few smoke grenades on his belt, making them one of the few mainstays in Batman’s crime-fighting arsenal.

9 rebreather

Rebreather Batman DC Comics

Speaking of smoke, Batman’s utility belt usually contains something to help him out when the tables are turned. The world’s greatest detective is known to carry a respirator whenever he faces villains who specialize in poison. The Joker, Scarecrow, and Poison Ivy are just some of the villains who aren’t afraid to use toxic aerosols to control or otherwise take Batman out of the game. Using a rebreather allows Bruce to filter out any situation he encounters and fight back with ease. He also keeps spare parts for his allies and any civilians in danger.

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8 cash

Batman Kash DC Comics

Batman’s money helps him fund his one-man war on crime, but while he’s incognito, he can’t use his funds as Bruce Wayne. Instead of the Bat-Credit Card, the Dark Knight carries an assortment of bills he might need on his nightly patrols. Don’t just think the money is for Batman’s late-night snack. Bruce donated the money he kept in his belt to those in need, such as a thief he was trying to arrest, until Batman realized the man was just trying to feed his children.

7 grapple gun

Batman Grapple Gun DC Comics

Another iconic gadget that helped Batman solidify his status as a hero to be reckoned with. The grapple gun helps Bruce Wayne scale many tall buildings and skyscrapers in Gotham City. It’s a tool he’s perfected over the years, and for good reason. Unlike many of the other weapons on his belt, the grapple gun provides a literal lifeline to solid ground as he free-falls through the air. Batman is only a human being after all, and having a tool to help him survive in the urban jungle makes it one of the best items in his arsenal.

6 crayons

Batman Crayon DC Comics

While far from one of the most necessary, the crayon in Batman’s utility belt demonstrates the hero’s incredible foresight. Batman #149 It’s revealed that Bruce kept these colorful tools when he faced off against several seemingly time-travelling knights. After criminals decoupled a moving train, the dynamic duo used the crayons they carried to create a sign to inform those below. It’s not the most traditional item, but it does help the Caped Crusader turn the tables.

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5 Ultrasonic Bat Beacon

Ultrasonic Bat Beacon DC Comics

Batman is obviously named after the flying rodents, so why shouldn’t he have a weapon that can put them to use?In the groundbreaking “Year One” storyline Batman #406Batman is cornered by a SWAT team and needs to escape, so he resorts to a last-ditch effort: attracting a swarm of bats with a high-frequency signal to distract his opponent and escape. More effective than smoke bombs and gives off quite the theme. It also makes great use of the symbols that inspired Bruce to become Batman in the first place.

4 lollipops

DC Comics Batman Lollipop

It’s nice to have weapons on your belt, but some of the best items Batman owns aren’t weapons at all. Whenever Batman encounters an upset child, he has a lollipop ready to comfort them. Nightwing even revealed that when the two helped Superman hunt down the wayward Superboy, Batman placed them next to a smoke bomb. The other items in the utility belt may go a long way toward keeping Bruce alive, but this stash of suckers is a good reminder that Batman is doing what he does for the most vulnerable.

3 batarangs

Batarang DC Comics

More iconic than smoke grenades or his grappling gun, arguably the most famous item Bruce has come up with is undoubtedly the Batarang. Whether he’s facing everyday con men or Killer Croc, Batman’s Batarangs are the perfect tool for almost any situation he faces. The tools on Batman’s belt may change over time, but this tool could easily become Batman’s weapon of choice. It’s perfect for long-range attacks, allowing him to carry out non-lethal attacks from the shadows, blending in with Batman’s moral code. They can also be easily powered up, helping Batman take down some of his more resilient foes.

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2 kryptonite ring

Batman Kryptonite Ring DC Comics

Of course, there’s an item on the belt that Batman rarely uses, but keeps it for the worst case scenario. Batman’s belt contains a ring containing strips of kryptonite, a radioactive substance that could easily harm Superman. The ring once belonged to Lex Luthor, but after a series of events, it was regained by Clark Kent, who gave it to Bruce (Bruce), as a means of stopping him if necessary. While it’s a powerful piece of serendipity, it also represents a strong sense of trust among the world’s top players.

1 shark repellent

DC Comics Shark Repellent

Indeed. The infamous 1966 iconic shark repellent bat spray batman The movie featuring Adam West is a classic item that Batman carries around. A few years before the movie was released, Batman #117 The protagonist uses shark repellent to fight against sea beasts that the Dynamic Duo encounters during an underwater adventure. Surprisingly, it works, giving Batman and Robin a chance to escape the creature.Shark repellent was probably a big joke at the time batman movie, but it helps Batman avoid becoming lunch for a sea monster.

Batman may have many items tucked away in his utility belt, but these ten tools remain the most iconic (and hilariously fun) additions to his crime-fighting collection.

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