15 Strongest Grass-Type Pokémon, Ranked

Grasses can be found everywhere in the world Pokemon, many of whom could be powerful additions to any coaching staff. The first creature listed in the Pokédex is the Grass starting type Bulbaseed, which solidifies the importance of this type in the set by helping to define the starting type triangle.

Pure-grass varieties like Sceptile can be useful, although not all of them are groundbreaking. The advantage of this type is that it is complemented by secondary types, including the final stage of Bulbasaur and the defense power Iron Spinosaurus. Grass-type Pokémon are generally less likely to top any list of the best types, but they can still pack a lot of punch.

15 Rulandis

Its base stats may be much lower than many other pure Grass-type Pokémon, but Rulantis is capable in a few different areas. Rulandis’s defensive numbers are above average, which helps make up for his poor speed numbers. Its attack stat is also quite high, allowing it to exact revenge on enemies that challenge it.

However, one of Rulandis’s greatest assets is its ability to reverse hide. When the opponent hits Rulandis with a move that lowers his attributes, his attributes will increase instead. This is helpful in games where many NPC Pokémon use these moves in battle, and can be key to the best Lurantis build for Tera Raids. However, Rulantis’ base stats still limit it, making it a weaker choice than many other grass types.

14 big garland

Big Garland ready for battle in Pokémon anime

Meganium is not a popular Grass-type Pokémon. Unfortunately, its statistical distribution puts it lower than most, if not all, other such starters. Regardless, it’s still a capable Pokémon and a better starter for Grass-type Pokémon than is often thought. As a fully evolved starter, its base stat total is high, even if the values ​​aren’t distributed as well as they should be. Meganium is somewhat of a tank, with strong defense and decent health.

Its speed isn’t impressive, and its offensive stats are equally impressive, but Big Garland can take a variety of hits before going down. Like other Johto starters, Megaium deserves a Mega Evolution, which might boost its mediocre stats.

13 leaves

Leafeon Eeveelution in Pokémon The Animation

Leafeon has strong potential, but it has to be lucky. Its top stats are Defense and Attack, which can be very useful in the right matchup. This Grass-type Pokémon is fast, so it can often use physical actions to defeat enemies, as long as those enemies don’t have high defense stats themselves.

Since Leafeon’s defense is so high, it can take a lot of damage in this category even though it has a fairly low HP stat. However, it also has very low special defense, so if it faces a special attacker and can’t defeat it in one hit, Yeion is in trouble.

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12 snake

Overlay image of Snake in various poses from the Pokémon anime.

Like Rulantis, Snakemen can also have opposite hidden abilities, which can also be helpful during gameplay. Gen 5 grass starters are in an interesting spot when it comes to their stats. Serperior is very fast, but its offensive stats aren’t high enough to take full advantage of its attack speed.

Instead, the Serperior’s other high stats are assigned to its defenses and special defenses, allowing it to take a wide range of damage. While both the attack and special attack are passable, Orochi can use a lot of powerful moves of both types, which can partially make up for the lack of attack.

11 iron pine

Iron Thorn in the Pokémon anime.

As far as sturdy Grass-type Pokémon go, Ironthorn from Unofan Black and white One of the best defensive members of the family. Steel is the best defense type in the set, so adding it to its main grass classification bodes well for it from the start.

Physical defense is 131, special defense is 116, and attack is 94. This stat distribution makes Chainsaw particularly useful in attrition battles, thanks to hazard setting moves like Spikes and Stealth Rocks, Leech Seeds that cripple enemies and restore their own, Thunder Waves that paralyze opponents, and more. . Combining its combat abilities with creative creature design makes it one of the best Grass-type Pokémon.

10 Tang Changchang

In a scene from the Pokémon anime, Tangrowth stands alone on the cobblestone streets of a small town.

As one of the strongest Pokémon in the Sinnoh region, Tangrowth is easily among the best pure grass-types in the series. However, its statistical distribution is complex. With fairly high health and excellent defensive stats, Tangrowth performs well against physical attackers. On the other hand, its special defense is terrible, and its health isn’t high enough to make up for it.

Due to Tangrowth’s slow speed, the trainer has to hope that the opponent doesn’t use a super effective special move that could knock the Pokémon out in one hit. However, if it survives, this Tangrowth’s offensive attributes allow it to defeat many opponents with ease.

9 Ross Ladd

In the Pokémon anime, Roslad leaps over obstacles on a beam.

diamond and pearl The enduring popularity is due in part to the introduction of some of the most commonly used creatures. Roserider is one such Pokémon that has dual Grass/Poison stats, making this combo a special attack-focused threat in battle.

It has an impressive 125 Special Attack, 105 Special Defense, and a solid 90 Speed. This type of combo makes it easy to use against a variety of useful attacks like Leaf Storm and Sludge Bomb, restorative moves like Synthesize, and dangerous setting moves like Spike.

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8 Tsarena

The recently evolved Serena in Pokémon Sword and Shield

Tsareena has excellent attack power statistics and a signature move of Trop Kick, which lowers the opponent’s attack power. Powerful Grass-type Pokémon can learn this move when evolving, making it usable in most games.

Tsareena is quite fast, but it doesn’t always act before its opponent. That’s not a problem, though, as it also has commendable defensive stats. Its biggest disadvantage is its poor special attack, which limits its ability to effectively use its high attack attributes in the game. Beyond those examples, though, Tsareena is incredible.

7 Rela Boom

Rillaboom in the desert background from Pokémon Sword and Shield

Like Tsareena, Rillaboom’s special attack stats are unfortunate. While this is limited in the same way, Rillaboom can still hold its own in the rest of its stats. It has decent speed, and its signature move, “Drumming,” lowers the speed stats of enemies, compared to Rillaboom’s speed. This move also takes advantage of the Pokémon’s very high attack power.

The Rillaboom may have to take a hit before making its first move in a duel, but it does so well with its reasonable size. It might not be the most popular fully evolved grass starter in the series, but the Rillaboom is very powerful.

6 goats

In the Pokemon anime, Go-goat is always ready to attack with Ash and Pikachu.

The sixth-generation “Pokémon mount” Alpine Goat may not be the formidable fighter it’s known for, but it’s still powerful. Its speed is lackluster, but its other attributes are relatively well-rounded, allowing it to take hits and counter effectively.

While its attacks and special attacks aren’t great, they are reasonable, and Gogoat’s strong physical movement gives it an extra boost of attack power. Its health is high, which helps make up for its poor defense and the only flaws in its special defense. As Rammus’ ace Pokémon and one of the weaker leaders in the Grass-type gyms, Algore may look unremarkable, but its true fighting abilities suggest otherwise.

5 Venus Dragon

Venusaur in Pokémon the Animation

Undoubtedly, Bulbasaur is one of the most popular Grass-type starter Pokémon, and is sometimes considered the “Easy Mode” starter in the Kanto games. It has an incredible advantage over the first two gyms, and has an advantage over Rocket bosses and certain Elite Four members.

In addition to having a powerful grass/poison typing that focuses on special, Venusaur even scores 100 in special attack and special defense, while everything else is around 80, which is quite impressive in size. Attacks like “Giga Drain” are great for damage/restoration, “Sludge Bomb” deals poison damage and potential status pain, plus “Mega Evolution” (if applicable) can make it an even more powerful fighter.

4 threshold

Ash's Sceptile is ready to fight in the Pokémon anime.

One of the better final forms in grass starters, Sceptile can beat quite a few opponents with relative ease. This is largely due to its stellar speed stats. By moving faster than most enemies and using moves that benefit from its high Special Attack, Sceptile can attack quickly and decisively.

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Its defensive stats are below par, especially for a fully evolved starter, but it can hold its own without them, especially when throwing its mega evolution into it. This Pokémon can use excellent special Grass-type moves like Leaf Storm, Giga Drain, and Energy Ball, making Sceptile terrifying. As long as it can surpass the speed of the enemy, it can dominate.

3 Katana

Katana from Pokémon Sun/Moon.

Aside from pure legendary/mythical species, the Alola Ultra Beast Pokémon known as Katana is arguably one of the most powerful grass creatures in battle. The total attributes of this Pokémon are as high as 570, the physical attack power is as high as 181, the physical defense power is 131, and the speed is 109. Katana is a formidable physical force in combat, but the caveat is its poor special defense and sub-par health.

But if players keep it away from opponents who focus on special attacks, the Grass/Steel Katana will be a quick heavy hitter with attacks like Blade Blade and Smart Strike. Moves like Iron Defense and Sword Dance can enhance Katana’s staying power, assuming the player uses it carefully.

2 Xie Ming (terrestrial form)

Xie Ming in the Pokémon animation

Xie Min’s land form may look harmless, but enemies shouldn’t underestimate this Mythic Pokémon. Its stats all have the same value, better than average. While this means Shaymin isn’t good at any one area, it also means it’s not as fragile as many other Pokémon. Regardless of class, it can withstand physical attacks and special attacks equally well and deal damage effectively.

It doesn’t get many moves through leveling up, but trainers can make up for this lack of options if they’re willing to use TMs. With the right attack, Xie Ming can show his true power.

1 Celebi

Celebi floating in the forest from the Pokémon anime.

Another legendary—especially mythical—Pokémon, the time-traveling Celebi from the Johto region is a force to be reckoned with in battle. Like Shaymin, Celebi’s power comes as no surprise, as simply being classified as such a rare Pokémon ensures that its stats and movepool support that reputation in some form.

Celebi’s results in this statistical department are very well rounded, scoring a direct 100 in each category.Combine this with its special Psychic/Grass type-oriented, natural healing abilities that remove pain from any status, and a move combo that provides equal offensive, stat-boosting, and recovery moves, and it’s no wonder Celebi is a star among Grass-type counterparts Pokemon game.

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