American Blogger Stomach Bread at Gurdwara in Delhi, People Say – Won Hearts; watch video

American blogger Rolls Rotis at Gurudwara: American blogger Eaton Barnath visits India. During his visit to Delhi, he paid his respects at Gurdwara, where he also offered roti. The video of him is going viral on social media.

American chef Eaton Barnath prepares roti at a Gurdwara in Delhi.

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American Blogger Gurdwara Rotis Roll – Popular American blogger and chef Eaton Barnath, Chef Ethan Bernath is currently on a family tour in India. They explore many Indian cities and local cuisine including Goa, Jaipur, Patna, Delhi. During his visit to Delhi, he paid his respects at Gurdwara, where he also offered roti. The American chef shared the video of him on Instagram, which has since gone viral. Indian users express their love in videos.

In a viral video, the American chef showed off a piece of the Gurdwara where he sits with his family. Chef Eaton wears a traditional headscarf. Other family members also put the clothes on their heads. In the video, the chef talks to his fans about the community kitchen i.e. Langar Ke Langaru. They also explain how the food is cooked here so everyone can come and enjoy. In the video, the cooks are also rolling the roti at this time. He tells his fans that it was an exciting experience for him. In the video, he can also see a roti making machine, which can make 4000 rotis per hour.

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Watch the American Chef Rolling Roti Video Here

This video shared on January 3 is going viral. So far, the video has been liked by more than 66.7 thousand people, with more than 11 million views. This number is constantly increasing. At the same time, many commented and stole their love.

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The user wrote, Chef will not return home without eating Bengali food. On the other hand, another user said, You win hearts, Chef Eaton. While he was commenting, another user invited Chef Eaton to visit the Golden Temple. All in all, this video has won the hearts of netizens.

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