Are Jax and Brittany Still Married? Why Are Jax and Brittany Not on Vanderpump Rules? Do Jax and Brittany Break Up?

Get the latest update on Jax and Brittany’s relationship status – they are happily married and going strong. Discover more about their journey in this captivating update.
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Are Jax and Brittany Still Married? 

Yes, Jax and Brittany are still Married. The former model is enjoying a blissful and enduring marriage with Brittany, even after more than three years since their wedding in Kentucky. Their love and commitment have stood the test of time, and they continue to cherish and support each other in their journey of life.

Through the ups and downs, their bond has only grown stronger, and they have built a foundation of trust, understanding, and companionship. Together, they navigate life’s challenges, celebrate joys, and create lasting memories, making their marriage a source of happiness and fulfilment for both of them.

Why Are Jax and Brittany Not on Vanderpump Rules?

Brittany and Jax’s absence from Vanderpump’s Rule season 9 resulted from several factors. Despite the couple’s plans for their own reality show, Jax faced rejection from the network. While he pretended to be unfazed by his dismissal, the 42-year-old former model had always been a charismatic figure.

However, ongoing betrayals and fractured friendships cast doubt on his ability to regain stability in his everyday life. The world Jax and his co-stars inhabited was one of constant drama and turmoil. Amid the chaotic reality, viewers remained skeptical about his capacity to change and adapt to a more ordinary existence, leading to his exclusion from the latest season.

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Do Jax and Brittany Break Up?

As of 2023, Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright are still together, despite facing a significant challenge in their relationship in April 2018. On the Monday, April 16, episode of Vanderpump Rules, Jax Taylor decided to end his long-term relationship with Brittany Cartwright based on advice he received from his reiki instructor, Kelsey Patel.

The breakup episode showcased the couple grappling with their issues, and Jax sought guidance from Kelsey Patel, who suggested that he needed to end the relationship to focus on his personal growth and well-being. This decision was emotionally challenging for both Jax and Brittany, and viewers witnessed the couple navigating the aftermath of the breakup.

However, as time went on, Jax and Brittany worked through their differences and reconciled. They managed to overcome the obstacles in their relationship and emerge stronger together. The couple’s journey was documented on subsequent episodes of Vanderpump Rules, showing the ups and downs of their reconciliation and the efforts they made to rebuild trust and commitment.

Their continued togetherness in 2023 indicated that they were able to move past the challenges and grow together as a couple. The journey served as a testament to the complexities of relationships, the importance of communication, and the willingness to work through difficulties to build a lasting partnership. Despite the initial breakup, Jax and Brittany’s love story endured and flourished over time, reaffirming their commitment to each other and their shared future.

Who is Jax?

Jason Michael Cauchi, popularly known by his stage name Jax Taylor, is an American television personality, model, and actor born on July 11, 1979. He gained fame through his appearances on the Bravo reality television series “Vanderpump Rules.” The show followed the lives of employees working at Lisa Vanderpump’s restaurants in West Hollywood.

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Jax Taylor became one of the central figures on the show, known for his charming personality, good looks, and penchant for drama. He was a key member of the original cast and played a significant role in shaping the dynamics and storylines of the series.

However, in December 2020, reports emerged that Jax Taylor had been allegedly fired from “Vanderpump Rules.” The decision came after several controversies and incidents that involved him on and off the show. These controversies included public arguments with co-stars, past comments on social media that were deemed insensitive, and accusations of problematic behavior.

While the network and production company did not officially confirm or deny the firing, Jax Taylor’s absence from subsequent seasons of the show indicated a significant shift in the series. His departure marked the end of an era on “Vanderpump Rules,” and the show continued with a revamped cast.

After his exit from “Vanderpump Rules,” Jax Taylor continued to be a public figure and maintained a presence on social media. He also focused on his family life, as he had become a father in 2020 with his wife, Brittany Cartwright, another cast member of the show.

Despite his exit from the reality series, Jax Taylor’s time on “Vanderpump Rules” left a lasting impact on both the show and its audience. He remains a well-known figure in reality TV and continues to be followed by fans and critics alike for his past actions and the legacy he left on the show.

As of 2023, Jax Taylor’s career and public persona have continued to evolve, and he remains a subject of interest in the world of entertainment and celebrity culture. His journey on “Vanderpump Rules” remains a significant chapter in his life, contributing to both his successes and challenges in the public eye.

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Who is Brittany?

Brittany Cartwright, born on January 25, 1989, in Kentucky, United States, is an American television personality and social media influencer. She gained recognition for her appearances on the Bravo reality television series “Vanderpump Rules.” Brittany is widely known for her relationship with co-star Jax Taylor, whom she married in 2019. As a central figure on the show, she captured the hearts of viewers with her genuine and warm personality.

Her wedding to Jax became a notable event on “Vanderpump Rules.” Apart from her television career, Brittany has amassed a considerable following on social media platforms, where she shares glimpses of her personal life and adventures.

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