Dead mother leaves Pit Brothers alone, 1 person comforts each other before ‘surgery’!

They did everything together. They miss their mother very much. They depend on each other. I hope they find a place together.

Tonka and baby P are traveling with their mother Kristofer Busching to [Colorado once the] attack New York. They hiked deep into the mountains and set up camp.

Tragically, as they climbed higher, Mom slipped and fell, inadvertently dragging the dogs with her. Kristofer died of the blow and two dogs were injured.

Their loyalty did not waver and the two dogs refused to leave their mother. Rescuers had to separate the dogs and take them to an animal shelter. Tonka broke her leg very badly, baby P was only slightly injured.

Two very scary dogs. They don’t know what’s going on. Through it all, however, they were glued to each other. They manage to find comfort in each other.

Tonka’s in.ju.ry needs 12 weeks of stable care, but Little P is a mischievous little pea. It was too risky for them to stay together, so the vet insisted that they be separated for Tonka to recover.

Mother’s cousin adopted baby P while Tonka [he.als] with me. medical guardian. Little P was fine, but they were most worried about Tonka. Tonka is ten years old and her mother has raised her since she was a puppy. These two dogs must be reunited as soon as possible. I can’t lose either!

They provided a wonderful home full of love because we couldn’t bring them with other dogs and a big baby to a tiny house.. we held a memorial service for them. Kristofer that the puppies came.. When Tonka realized that Kristofer wouldn’t come back he died in his sleep.

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I’m sure it’s broken heart.. he is 10 years old and very healthy after surgery.. I like to believe they are together.. Baby P has a beautiful and lively home I am forever grateful and we are always in touch with his new mom and dad.

Dogs are a blessing, best friends, great therapy, wonderful companions and lifelong luck are all those beautiful dogs.

God bless and pray for you and your family

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