Dog helps owner move in wheelchair

The eleven-month-old pup tries not to stray too far from his owner, and there don’t even seem to be obstacles in his way through the city streets.

Clever Magnus is seen getting under his wheelchair trying to push and accelerate it, while his owner uses his special-needed vehicle’s levers to navigate the road.

The dog then quickly got under the car to see what was waiting for it, then went back under the car to help the man.

A woman witnessed this moving image. She said she even tried to give the man money and food when she saw him and Magnus.

However, the man prefers to do everything on his own, with a little help from Magnus, who he calls his “only family member”.

Magnus was once hit by a bus, but after recovering, the dog continued to follow his owner as before walking around the city.

“Turns out this dog was hit by a bus and despite being scared to find himself on a road full of cars, he diligently helped out,” the woman wrote on her Instagram.

The man said that Magnus started helping him when he was 4 months old. The man insists that his dog is the only member of his family. Netizens praised the close bond between Magnus and the man. So one of them wrote:

“Dogs are true friends, we must never forget them.” “Dogs can’t betray anyone. They remain loyal, no matter what.”

However, one commenter suggested that the dog, which had been under the wheel of a vehicle, was simply hiding under the vehicle when it heard the sound of a passing car.

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“The dog was afraid of cars and tried to hide under the car,” she wrote.

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