Dungeons & Dragons’ Epic Psi Warrior Fighter Subclass Explained

Psi Warrior Fighter combines physical power with psionic power dungeons and dragons, making it an ideal subclass for disciplined high elves and astral githyanki. It is also a popular subcategory of the psionic humanoids of Eberron, although any race can follow this path.Known as the Psychic Warrior in Wizards of the Coast The unearthed Arcana, this new one research and development Subclasses are canonized as Psi warriors Tasha’s all-purpose cauldron.

Psionic warriors may have honed their powers of mind on their own or through a master or academy. They gain tertiary psychic powers by drawing on the psionic power reserves within themselves.This energy is represented by the Psionic Energy die (d6) research and development, and a number of psionic fighters equal to twice their proficiency bonus. These dice can power certain psychic powers, which can be used as long as they are not all expended, and the psychic dice are regained after a long rest. As a bonus action, the psionic warrior can regain one expended psionic dice each short or long rest.

These dice can expend the following power at third level: Protective Field uses reactions to aid creatures in sight, reducing the number of rolls plus Psychic Warrior damage research and development Intelligence modifier, forming a temporary telekinetic shield; Psionic strike propels the weapon to deal additional powerful damage to targets hit by the psionic warrior, equal to the die roll plus the Intelligence modifier; Telekinetic movement will occur each time you rest Moves an object or creature within line of sight to an unoccupied space within 30 feet, unless a psionic die is expended to use it again. At 5th level, psionic dice increase to a d8.

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Dungeons & Dragons: Psi Warrior Traits and Abilities

Psi fighters at level seven can learn the Telekinetic Adept, which includes the Psi powered jump ability.Reward Action as a Person research and development During the round, the player can use his mind to propel his body, gaining a flying speed equivalent to twice the walking speed. The Telekinetic Thrust ability allows players to force a target to make a Strength saving throw when dealing damage with a psionic strike. If the target fails its saving throw, it may be knocked prone or move 10 feet in any horizontal direction.

Guardian of the Mind is a feature for level 10 Psi fighters that enhances the psychic powers of the mind, allowing the player to resist research and developmentof mental harm. If the psionic fighter begins his turn confused or feared, he can use psionic dice to remove these conditions. Psionic energy dice become d10 at 11th level, and 15th-level psionic fighters inherit the Force Bulwark function. This is a telekinesis shield that half-cloaks many creatures (including the user) for one minute or until the psionic warrior is incapacitated. Can be used once per long rest, unless psionic dice are expended.

The psionic energy dice increase to d12 at 17th level, and the telepathic master function becomes available at 18th level.This allows Psi fighters to cast research and developmentTelekinesis spells with no physical components, using the player’s intelligence to cast spells. This feature cannot be used again until a long rest is completed or a psionic die is expended. Possessing both adept physical abilities and powerful mental abilities make the Psi Warrior a unique and dynamic being. dungeons and dragons.

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