Elden Ring: How To Complete Rya’s Questline

Rya is an NPC Eldon’s Ring She’s the humble scout at the Volcanic Manor, and her quests provide interesting insight into her and the manor’s dark past. Stained Rhea can be first encountered southeast of Lunia on the Swamp Trail to Raya Lucaria Academy. She can be found in a small gazebo next to the Birdseye Telescope on the north side of the Ruins of Laskia. If the player walks past Rya’s location, she will call the protagonist for help, asking them to retrieve her stolen necklace from the mob.

Eldon’s Ring Fans can head northwest to a landmark called Shrimp Boiling Tent, where a gruff guy named Blackguard is cooking shrimp. When talking to him, the player will realize that he is what Rhea calls the Necklace Thief. The protagonist can kill Blackguard or buy the necklace from him for 1000 runes to get it back. Once the Vandals have made their decision and returned the gem to Rhea, she will reward them with an invitation to the Volcano Manor. She will then move to the bottom half of the Ruins of Lax or the Grand Elevator of Dectus, depending on the path the player took to reach the Plateau of Artus.

After meeting Leah a second time, Diablo was able to talk to her and teleport to the Volcanic Manor at Mount Germere. From here, the protagonist can officially begin Rya .’s quest Eldon’s Ring. It should be noted that while meeting her in Lyonia makes the journey to the manor easier and reveals additional dialogue, those who skip this process can still start her quest from within. mansion as usual.

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Rhea’s snake form revealed in Elden Ring

To advance Rya .’s story Eldon’s Ring, Sully must now talk to Tanis and join the Volcanic Manor. Players will receive a key to the living room, which can be used to open the rooms in the side corridor next to the central lobby. In the restaurant on the left, the player can meet Rya again. Next, complete the first assassination contract given by killing the old knight Isstvan in Limgrave. His red summoning sign can be found on the path between the Warmaster’s Hut and the empty Colosseum. When he dies, return to the manor to receive the principal’s reward. Finally, go into the restaurant and talk to Rya again. This time, she will mention that she heard strange noises in the manor, such as heavy “breathing” and “stretch”. To continue his story, Defiler had to accept Tanis’ second contract.

The second target for the second volcanic manor is Rayleigh Idle, whose summoning sign can be found in the Altus Plateau, north of the Old Altus Tunnel, near the trail leading to Shadow Castle. Eldon’s Ring. After returning to Tanis and getting another reward, head back to the side lobby. However, instead of entering the dining room, enter the room with the second door on the right. Inside, Bleak will encounter Rhea’s true snake form. She will reveal that her real name is Zoraias and that she was born of royal blood.

After discovering Sorayas’ secret, go to Tanis and ask about Scout Rhea. Tanis will tell the protagonist that she is Rhea’s adoptive mother and ask them to treat her daughter well. After the conversation, reload the area and return to Rhea in the same room. Now reverting to her human form, she will express her curiosity about the mysterious snakes and hidden passages in the next room. After the dialogue ends, talk to Tanis again, then start investigating the secrets of Volcano Manor Eldon’s Ring.

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How to get all Rhea quest endings in Elden Ring

How Elden Ring found Rya and got her end

The next step in Rhea’s quest is to open the door to the Prison Town Church, which can be accessed through a hidden passage in the room next to Rhea. Unfortunately, a ghost wall blocks the secret passage in the back right corner of the room. To remove obstructions, the stain can either hold a torch and let the flame touch a surface, or roll it directly against the wall. Although it is only necessary to open the church doors, those who pollute should go to the Grace Lounge for a quick and easy commute later. Finally, return to Rhea and reveal the “dark side of Volcanic Manor” to her. After that, head back to the guest lobby and continue exploring until you reach the Aiglei Shrine. This, Eldon’s Ring The player must kill the sky nobles to continue.

After defeating the boss, pick up the Serpent’s Amnion on the central altar of the temple. Accelerate back to Volcano Manor and reveal to Rhea the strange truth behind her vision. Rya will go missing after reloading the area. The player must then go to the principal and tell her about the absence of his adopted daughter. Tanis will express her shared grief to Sorayas and give the protagonist the Amnesia Tonic, asking the player to deliver the elixir to Rhea. To find out where Rya is hiding, Eldon’s Ring Fans must come out from the back balcony of Aiglei Temple and follow the rocky path of Lava Falls. When you reach the first igloo, go through the small passage into the next building and take the elevator down. However, when Eldon’s Ring Head down the elevator, jump through the hole in the middle, and go through the lava to find the entrance to Rhea’s new location. Alternatively, the player can dash through lava pools and sneak over flyovers to enter Rhea’s hidden room.

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Rhea is engulfed in pain when she learns the truth about her past. She will ask the tarnished person for one last time to “free” her from the cursed body. From here, the player has three possible outcomes for Rya .’s quest sequence Eldon’s Ring. Each ending rewards the adventurer with the same item, Daedica’s Calamity. This amulet works similar to Ring of Disaster dark soul, greatly increases damage from all sources. First, they might kill her for a “bad ending” Eldon’s Ring, to free her from her pain. Second, the player can give her Amnesia Tonic, after which she will return to Volcano Manor without any memories of her past. In the end, the protagonists can choose to do nothing, but they must return to her after killing the demigod boss Lycard of the Legacy Dungeon. She will leave a message saying she is on a journey of self-discovery and praising Sully as her “champion of kindness”.

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