Godday Godday Chaa Movie Release Date, Cast, Trailer, and More!

The Punjabi entertainment industry has established itself very well in India. Not only in India but also in some parts of the countries people like to listen to Punjabi music and watch movies. The popularity of Punjabi celebrities is more or less on a par with Bollywood celebrities and some of them are even working with big stars like Diljit Dosanjh, Badshah etc. Even in many Bollywood movies we hear Punjabi music (of course with a Bollywood touch) and people love to play Punjabi songs at their weddings, birthdays and other occasions. Well, if you are also a fan of Punjabi entertainment industry and always excited to see a new project in this industry, then your wait is finally over.

Godday Godday Chaa Movie Release Date

The most awaited Punjabi movie is ready to entertain the audience and people want to know all the details of this upcoming movie including the release date, cast, trailer etc. Yes, your assumption is correct, we are talking about the upcoming Sonam Bajwa movie titled “Godday Godday Chaa”. Like most Punjabi movies this upcoming movie is a fusion of different genres including comedy and drama and the best part of this movie is that it is a family movie which means people can enjoy it with their families.

This movie is built under the direction of Vijay Kumar Arora and the producer of this movie is Rajinder Kumar Gagahar. The main actors are Sonam Bajwa and Gitaz Bindrakhia. Fans want to know when and where it will be released, whether it will be released in theaters or on digital platforms. Audiences do not have to wait much longer to watch this movie as it will be released on Friday, May 26, 2023. Fans can enjoy watching this movie online as it is expected to be released on OTT platforms. However, we are awaiting further details from the manufacturer as we currently do not know where it will be released.

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Godday Godday Chaa Movie Release Date

The trailer for this upcoming movie is out now, which means the audience can watch it on Youtube. The trailer for the film gives an idea of ​​its history. Sonam Bajwa is already a famous celebrity in Punjab and people are always excited when they see her project and when it comes to a movie, she is already very excited. This time too, they are dying to see it on the screens and they hope that this movie will not disappoint them.

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