Groovy Mal- All About The TikTok Hair Stylist Influencer

Thanks to the Internet, everyone has the opportunity to become a phenomenon in their own right. With his signature 1970s-style hair, Groovy Mal is a TikTok celebrity. Her TikTok account, vintage style, has 1.5 million followers. Groovy Mal teases a pause from posting hair videos in his new TikTok video. One of her videos is titled:

“I don’t cut my hair anymore, so when I cut my hair, I have to do a tiktok.”

Groovy Mal created the video in response to a comment on TikTok that read, “I missed the hair videos,” and replied:

“50 percent of my fans watch videos of my hair and the other fifty percent get bored when I do the same.”

When she first discovered she was pregnant, many people suspected that she would give up her hairstyle.

Who exactly is Groovy Mal?

Mallory Jade, more commonly known as Groovy Mal, is a TikTok celebrity with over 1.5 million followers who is famous for her iconic hairstyle videos. Her most popular video has over 17.2 million views. In the video, she can be seen changing from a half-combed hairstyle to a fully combed hairstyle. It played on April 8, 2021 and in the background was Lisa Lisa and the popular song I Wonder If I Take You Home by Cult Jam playing. For example, Groovy Mal brings nostalgia to help people learn more about fashion and style.

TikTok is seeing a resurgence of ’90s hairstyles.

TikTok users can always turn to other trends for hair inspiration if Groovy Mal decides to stop posting his signature 70s hair tips. The butterfly hairstyle is currently the most trending hairstyle on TikTok. This style has long been popular, with the biggest superstars of the 1990s adopting it as an industry standard. This layered style is favored by supermodels like Cindy Crawford and Iman. During this period, Pamela Anderson made the hairstyle her trademark. Generation Z has had a strong desire to modernize clothing since the ’90s.

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According to Ela Pjetraj, hairstylist at Fekkai salon in New York, the butterfly hairstyle is a layered hairstyle with small layers that gently frame the face and give you volume and shine, as well as open layers. wide gives you the illusion of long hair.

The hairdresser is also sure that the butterfly can adapt to anyone. She claims it

“This hairstyle looks best on curly, medium to thick hair, as well as on fine, thin hair,” says the stylist.

She continued,

“Customers with frizzy and curly hair are always better off leaving their hair in its natural state when they enter the salon so you and your stylist can really see the curl and then style it together. hair. “

Groovy Mal

It is important to ask your stylist to cut the layers so that they meet in the correct position, taking into account your face shape and jawline. Additional layers can then be incorporated into the front of the hair, giving the cut more of a body than a sharp, edgy look. All hair types can be suitable, but Pjetraj emphasizes that no two butterfly hairstyles are exactly the same and that people with thin hair should be extra careful when creating layers. The butterfly hairstyle allows to completely transform your hair without the dangerous side effects of other more radical hairstyles. The butterfly style may work for you if you want layers that allow for quick puffs and stand out look.

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