Jay Slater search focuses on 2,000ft ravine near where missing Brit last phoned pals as police release chopper hunt vid

DESPERATE crews searching for missing Jay Slater have now focused their efforts on a 2,000ft deep ravine in northern Tenerife.

Drones, helicopters and dogs have been searching the island tirelessly since Jay, 19, went missing on Monday, but so far they have been unable to find any trace of him.


Jay Slater has been missing since MondayCredit: SolarpixCrews are combing the gorge Jay was seen nearby


Crews are combing the gorge Jay is seen nearbyCredit: PAEmergency personnel are searching the area


Emergency workers search the areaCredit: PAA rescue helicopter is searching above the Masca gorge


A rescue helicopter searches above the Masca Gorge Credit: ReutersGoogle Earth shows the steep, rugged terrain around Masca Gorge near where Jay disappeared


Google Earth shows the steep, rugged terrain around Masca Gorge near where Jay disappearedThe footage shows Jay Slater at a rave a few hours before he disappeared


Footage shows Jay Slater at a rave hours before he disappeared Credit: Tiktok/@leah.birchxx


Jay’s last known location was the Teno Rural Park in the northwest of the island – a 10-hour walk from his accommodation.

He was at the closing night of the NRG festival with two friends he was holidaying with before leaving the club with two men he met that night.

The next morning he left the remote property and called his friend Lucy Law, telling her that his phone was about to break and he was stuck in the middle of nowhere.

The Lancashire teenager has not been seen or heard from since.

A massive search operation was launched on Monday, with Jay’s family and friends growing increasingly concerned as the hours and days pass.

Now the teams are combing Masca Gorge near the trail in the mountain terrain where he made his last frantic call to his friend Lucy.

Investigators were seen removing bags of rubbish from the site but continue to draw a blank as they struggle to uncover any clues.

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Masca Gorge is – according to island guides – about 3 miles long and 2,000 feet deep, and a footpath leads from the hills to the sea.

On Wednesday, police briefly moved the search to the other side of the island after a sighting was reported.

But a major search operation returned near the village of Masca in north-west Tenerife after the tip-off turned out to be false.

The hunt for Jay Slater must take two key next steps – and online detectives risk doing more harm than good, former chief constable warns

New footage of the search shows helicopters circling the area as firefighters, volunteers and police search on the ground.

Jay’s family and friends in Tenerife are said to be “exhausted beyond words” as they struggle to find answers.

Rach Louise Harg, who shared updates on the Missing Jay Slater group on Facebook, said: “Unfortunately there are no updates on anyone.

“I’m struggling for words at the moment but all I can say is we are still looking and everyone is doing everything they can!!

“We are exhausted beyond words. I just can’t say anything more. I wish I could. I wish this living nightmare would end now. The SEARCH continues and we are positive.”

As the hunt continues into its fifth day, the two mystery men Jay was last with have not broken their silence and are understood to have since left the island and returned to the UK.

It is not clear whether the men spoke to police in Tenerife before leaving the island.

It comes as…

Terrifying pictures emerged last night of the Airbnb they took Jay to.

His last Snapchat picture was an out-of-focus image of a hand holding a cigarette in Buenavista del Norte, which is inside the park.

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Friend Lucy revealed she had found the house where Jay was staying – and was told he had left on Monday morning.

The two men said Jay went to get cigarettes before returning to the property and saying he wanted to go home.

It is not known where he would buy cigarettes.

Lucy said: “We managed to find the house. I knocked on the door and there were two people there.

“They told me that Jay spoke to the neighbors and they told him that there is a bus every 10 minutes to Los Cristianos.

“The bus stop was right next to the house. So obviously if he had gone to get the bus he wouldn’t have gotten lost because (the stop) could be seen from the front door.”

Dozens of firefighters and volunteers joined the hunt


Dozens of firefighters and volunteers joined the huntCredit: PAPolice offer at the search site in Masca


Police offer at the scene of the search in MascaCredit: PAJay's friend Lucy Law was the last person to speak to him


Jay’s friend Lucy Law was the last person to speak to him


According to locals, Jay was spotted “walking alone” before his disappearance.

Araceli works in a business next door to the rental property where Jay was staying before he disappeared.

She told The Mirror: “I’ve never seen the missing boy but I know people have seen him walking alone. I’ve seen two Brits who stayed here.

“They came several times for cafe con leche. One was about 40 years old, the other a little younger.

– They arrived on Saturday and were supposed to stay until Monday, but they left on Tuesday.

Jay Slater's latest Snapchat showed a cigarette in hand at a remote Airbnb


Jay Slater’s latest Snapchat showed a cigarette in hand at a remote AirbnbCredit: SnapchatOfficers also use dogs to try to find clues

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Police are also using dogs to try to find clues Credit: ReutersJay Slater (right) pictured with his brother Zak and mum Debbie - who both flew to the island after he went missing


Jay Slater (right) pictured with his brother Zak and mum Debbie – who both flew to the island after he went missing

Lucy invited the two men to be questioned by the British police.

She previously described his disappearance as “suspicious”, and added: “Something strange is happening”.

Members of Jay’s local community in Oswaldtwistle, near Blackburn, gathered at a church event for “services of hope”.

Friends at the service described Jay as “the life and soul of the party” to Sky News.

Jay’s mum Debbie Duncan, meanwhile, made a desperate emotional plea for her son’s safe return.

It is feared that the teenager may have been kidnapped and flown to the island while the search continues.

Tearfully worried, she told ITN: “It’s just an absolute living nightmare. It’s like a dream – like it’s not happening, it really is. I wouldn’t wish this on anyone.

“I just want my child back. Please, anyone who can help, look for him. It’s a huge area up there, huge.

“He’s out there somewhere or someone knows where he is. We just need to find my child.”

She is among a number of Jay’s family members and friends who flew to the Canary Islands this week to help with the hunt.

Creepy photos show an Airbnb in Tenerife where he partied


Terrifying photos show Airbnb in Tenerife where he entertainedCredit: AirbnbJay was all smiles in a Snapchat picture before he disappeared


Jay was all smiles in a Snapchat picture before he disappearedIn an emotional interview, Jay's mum Debbie Duncan begged to 'get her baby back'


In an emotional interview, Jay’s mum Debbie Duncan begged to ‘get her baby back’

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