Kate Garraway shares exciting career announcement amid new Derek health update

Kate Garraway has revealed that she is publishing a new book called Power of lovewill hit shelves in September.

On Thursday’s Loose Women, the Good Morning Britain star shared exciting career news while also updating her husband’s health, Derek Draper, explaining that he has ” hospitalized again this week and last week.”

© Photo: RexKate publishes a new book

When panelist Linda Robson asked her if Derek could talk to her now, she replied, “It’s a whisper and I don’t think we necessarily talk, but we do. there are great moments like when Billy has a new basketball and he bounces him and suddenly, [Derek said] ‘Is that a new ball?’ and Billy said ‘Yes, that’s right!’ and Derek said, ‘That’s great.

WATCH: Kate gives Derek health update

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“It’s something you take for granted, but for him to react like that, Billy was in tears and they hugged. Things like that really lift you up. Then the next day he was completely fine. static.”

Kate Garaway Husband DerekKate has shared an update on her husband Derek

Talking about her upcoming book that explores the importance of resilience, Kate said: “People have been very kind to say I’m resilient, but actually I’ve had times when I was very sad. But I didn’t want to. Writing a book about a bad time, I wanted to go to a place where I could be really positive and share some of the things I’ve learned to get through it.”

The news comes after it was reported that the presenter is facing a £716,000 tax bill after being forced to close her husband Derek Draper’s business following a COVID-19 diagnosis- His 19 in 2020.

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derek draper kate garraway© Photo: Instagram Derek infected with corona virus in March 2020

The ITV star closed her husband’s psychotherapy business in March 2022 after taking on huge debts while he recuperated.

Kate Garaway Husband Derek© Photo: RexKate and Derek have been married since 2005

At the time, online records showed Derek’s Astra Aspera Ltd owed £184,000 including £125,000 in taxes.

Kate has been very open about her financial situation since Derek became ill, telling The Sun in March that “things have been tough financially” for the family and that “expenses have skyrocketed as a result.” many ways,” adding that their home had to be adjusted. Derek’s needs and how it affects her working life.

kate garaway husband derek smiling© Photo: Instagram Derek spent 13 months in the hospital after contracting the virus

The journalist, who had to take long days off work during the early days of Derek’s illness, continued: “Anyone with a very ill loved one knows, the costs add up in so many ways. You have to change homes and things. that affects your ability to work.”

Derek contracted coronavirus in March 2020 and was hospitalized for 13 months. He is still suffering from the effects of the illness and needs round-the-clock care.

Kate and Derek’s journey has been captured in two documentaries, Kate Garraway: Finding Derek And Kate Garraway: Caring for Derekas well as a memoir, under the title The power of hope.

Kate Garraway takes care of Derek© Photo: ITVKate has made two documentaries about Derek’s health journey

Speaking of the book at the time, she said: “By telling the story of Derek’s illness and how it changed our family’s lives, I hope I can reach out to people who are suffering.”

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She continued: “If writing about my experience facing fear, facing an uncertain future every day, and finding strength for the sake of my children can help someone else. feeling lost or hopeless, that would mean a lot.”

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