Logan Valentini- All About Karla Homolka’s Younger Sister

Logan Valentini is the younger sister of Karla Homolka, a notorious Canadian assassin. She is the middle child of three sisters. Tammy Homolka, one of the Homolka sisters, was murdered by her sister Karla and ex-husband Paul Bernard in 1990.

Logan Valentini was born with a different name

Logan Valentini, formerly Lori Homolka, is the middle child of Karel and Dorothy Homolka. She was born in 1971 in a small town in Ontario, Canada. Her parents used to have well-paying jobs. Karel Homolka works as an itinerant salesman, and Dorothy is a Czechoslovak immigrant working in a geriatric clinic.

Lori is also the second child of her parents. She grew up in a happy family in St. Catharines with her two sisters Karla and Tammy Homolka. Tammy is the youngest and Karla is the oldest. Lori is also a year younger than Karla and three years older than her late sister Tammy.

She attended Sir Winston Churchill School, near her home. Karla and Tammy also studied there.

Tammy was killed while her sister Lori was sleeping peacefully

Logan Valentini’s infamous sister has noticed that he’s been more attracted to her sister ever since Karla and Paul’s relationship began. Also, her partner at the time, Paul, would force her to play Tammy in intimate moments. Despite this, Karla complied with all his wishes and sacrificed her life just a week before her sister’s birthday for the sake of love.

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Tammy’s food, fortified with a strong sedative, was stolen from her workplace by eldest sister Homolka on Christmas Eve. She took her sister to the basement after she passed out and the rest of the family had fallen asleep. Bernardo was there, ready to rape the young girl. The couple even filmed the entire performance.

Tammy died horribly; She choked on her vomit and died soon after. Karla and Paul called 911 and cleaned up all evidence after unsuccessful attempts to revive her. Unfortunately, the original case was dismissed as “accidental”.

In addition to Tammy, “Ken and Barbie killer” has 2 other victims

Twisted lovers, Karla and Paul, are known as “Ken and Barbie killers”. Tammy’s death in 1990 was just the beginning of their nearly two-year killing spree. Leslie Mahaffy, 14, and Kristien French, 15, were kidnapped, raped and murdered by the couple.

Similarly, another young girl was present. Jane Doe (real name unknown) literally escaped death after being raped twice by “Ken and Barbie”.

Logan Valentini changed her name after her sister Karla Homolka was arrested

Karla was sentenced to 12 years in prison despite being convicted of the rape and murder of three young girls. Why? The prosecutor’s office offered her a “settlement”. Turns out, she turned herself in to the police after Bernardo became agitated and abusive.

As a result, the “Witch of Ontario” was given two options: testify against her ex and receive a lighter sentence, or face the full charge. Karla apparently chose the first option and was held in the Kingston Women’s Prison until 2005.

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Logan was embarrassed by his sister’s arrest and wanted to stay out of sight. She doesn’t like the negative attention her family is receiving and wants to avoid it. Because of this, she changed her name from “Lori” to “Logan” in 1996. This allowed her to hide her true identity and live a normal life.

Logan Valentini and her husband are happy in their marriage

Logan seems to be living a happy married life despite the difficulties she has faced throughout her life. Logan Valentini, Karla’s older sister, has long been married to her husband Dominic Valentini (aka Dom Valentini).

Although they have not revealed much about their married life, the couple has a lot of love for each other. Logan and her husband Dom have three children, Lucas, Jenna and Caden, in addition to their long marriage.

Dom, her partner, even referred to herself on Twitter as “Lucas, Jenna and Caden’s dad and Logan’s husband.”

Where is Lori Homolka now?

Lori, as mentioned, is now living a new life under a different name. Logan Valentini is a male model. In fact, she is currently leading a normal and happy life with her husband and children in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada. Her husband often posts pictures of her children on social networks like Facebook.

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