This Elden Ring NPC Has The Saddest Ending

Eldon’s RingThe Midlands is full of NPCs of all kinds – some useful, some not very helpful – but the fates of all the characters are different, none other than Brad (the loyal shadow of the Witch Lanny). Fate is even worse. FromSoftware games often feature multiple NPCs for the player to interact with throughout their adventure, some of which will assist the player or act as merchants, while others can be summoned to help the player navigate Navigate difficult areas or deal with bosses. very pleasant characters that will trick players or get them in trouble, have familiar faces dark soul return Elden’s ring.

[Warning: the following contains spoilers for Elden Ring.]

A popular theme is Eldon’s RingNPCs seem to be most, if not all, motivated by self-interest. NPCs like Siren the Witch can help the player, but they do so primarily for some ulterior motive or benefit. Eldon’s Ring Also proudly punishes the stupidity of the aforementioned NPCs who have multiple quests that lead to their death or worse. Even characters who accompany the player and develop attachments can quickly reveal their true nature to spoilers, such as the player’s own unofficial finger girl Melina, the successor plan to burn Elden’s ringed tree.

Blaidd is one of those characters that many players encounter early on, as he was first seen in the Ringgrave starting area of ​​the Mistwood Ruins. After some work, the player can meet the giant swordsman in person and learn more about him, however, he is more important to the events surrounding the Witch and Princess Lani as well as the quest chain. her long service. The player discovers that Brad is serving a witch and is supposed to be her shadow. As a gift from two fingers to the princess, Brad vowed to serve his mistress and do whatever she wanted, starting with walking in. Elden’s ring The Eternal City of Nokron.

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Elden Ring – Brad’s story is about service and loyalty

During his quest, the player can find Brad’s companion Iggy sealing him, lest he betray his mistress because she defied the Will. greatness and the direction of Two Fingers. The player has the option to free his companion, who finds the idea of ​​such betrayal ridiculous and declares that he will never betray his mistress. Seeing her quest line from here to the end, and then back in Lyonia’s Lanny Rising, the player can meet Brad again, resist his compulsions, then give in to them and attack the player. .

Players can get two exclusive armor sets by completing this quest line, Elden’s ringIn addition to the set awarded for defeating Brad, you can also get the Snow Wizard’s set. What makes Brad’s fate so tragic is that he’s unlike many other NPCs in the game. Eldon’s RingBrad never acts selfishly or cruelly to advance his own agenda or that of his mistress. His stoicism can be further hinted from the item description for his breastplate, which states “Anyway, the cold bothers him” Which means because of Lanny’s obsession with ice, he endured the cold for her sake. His final fall is after killing three assassins with corpses surrounding him, showing the player that this will be an uphill battle (though that may not be the case for players who kill the boss). by a blow in the game) Elden’s ring).

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