Paige Taylor And Jackson Dean Have Confirmed Their Relationship

For a long time, people assumed that Hype House members Paige Taylor and Jackson Dean were in a relationship. If you search for “Jackson Dean and Paige Taylor” on TikTok, countless fan edits of the couple pop up. Fans have stitched together several clips of the couple from videos on TikTok and YouTube, believing these are hints that Taylor and Dean are dating.

Just like that, TikTok user @i..loveparker created three separate videos. Taylor, Dean and others are seen hanging around and talking in one of the videos taken from Hype House’s YouTube account. Dean and Taylor sat next to each other, Dean slowly inching closer to Taylor until his head rested on her shoulder. Taylor and Dean had the same drink in another scene, despite drinking different things. Although they are not avid followers, those who follow the duo seem to believe otherwise. But it looks like they’ve been up to something since the couple went public with their romance on September 6, 2022.

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Paige Taylor and Jackson Dean confirm rumors about their relationship

Taylor and Dean talked on TikTok Live about their lives as members of Hype House, but people kept asking if they were dating. Dean finally replied that. “Are you two dating?” Dean read while Taylor laughed. Dean then turned to Taylor and said, “yeah,” while Taylor waved and said, “Oh.”

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The new couple has less to say that they are in a relationship. Tiktokinsiders retweeted this video on Instagram and judging by the comments, they are very excited about the new couple.

“I’m happy for them. “I like them more than her .” [Taylor] and anyway Jacob,” one person said in response to claims that Taylor has also been dating Hype House member Jacob Day. “They look great together.”

But not everyone agrees, and some even accuse them of having too much power. Some netizens believe that the two are only together because people are praising them. “So you’re just pretending to be together because everyone else wants to?” one user suspected the pair said.

Fans are eagerly looking for information about the couple.

When the famous TikTokers announced their relationship, followers naturally wanted details and it seemed that the fans were giving Taylor and Dean a hard time. After revealing their relationship, Dean went on a TikTok Live solo where he said he doesn’t ignore comments and doesn’t want to talk about his new relationship “24/7”.

“I don’t want to talk about it all the time.” And people keep telling me to add Paige, but she’s not online. If she wasn’t too busy, I would include her. But you keep asking, “Where’s Paige?” Paige should be on top.’ “But the thing is, she’s currently doing content on YouTube,” Dean said.

Jackson dean

He said that’s why he ignored fans’ questions about Taylor. @paige.editz.1 posted a video of his TikTok Live on TikTok. Everyone in the video’s comment section seems to sympathize with Dean. They reiterated that the couple wanted their own space and solitude.

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