Magic: The Gathering Interview – Creating Phyrexians & Their Language

liberate, release, free Magic: Gatherbelong to Phyrexia: Everything is one Sets have had a ripple effect throughout the long and storied history of desktop assets in the Multiverse. Faced with the threat of the Phyrexians, a race of living machines seeking to perfect themselves and others, now greater than ever, things may never have been worse for everyone. Participants Magic: Gathercontinuation of the story.

However, there is something to be said for practicality. People who don’t care about good people walking into upcoming opportunities parade machine set might want to know more about Phyrexians – watch out. What better way than speaking the language of Phrexian? The phyrexian is a complex, esoteric text developed by Wizards of the Coast, and even appears in some card treatments?

rant screen Talk to game maker, Mother of Languages ​​and Phrexian linguist Mary Kathyrn Amiotte and arena feature developer, language speaker, and Phrexian linguist Bella Gao about how such a thing could be. generate, let alone implement on playable cards.

How phyrexian works

Screen Rant: For the Uninitiated – I think that’s most of us! – Is it difficult to build a language from scratch? where do you start

Bella Gao, Software Development Engineer and Phrexian Language Expert: For us, the most important part of creating this language were its guiding principles. When we make decisions about Phyrexian, we always aim to develop the language through building the world – we shape the language not as an academic language but as a creative designer. to tell stories about its users.

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The Phyrex occupy this unlikely place in magical lore, where they are a threat unlike the usual malevolent conspiracies of the villains of each plane, or even Nicol Bolas or the others. giant Eldrazi. What makes them so uniquely terrifying?

Mary Kathryn Amiotte, game producer and Phrexian language expert: I think a big part of what makes them uniquely creepy is their depth, not just as villains but as a background culture. Their motives are completely foreign to us, but the fact that they have logic makes the Phyrexians evil. We can almost understand them – keywords are almost there. We only know enough about them to know how slim our chances are against them.

The Phrexian language card is a very popular remedy. Are there any challenges beyond just producing the normal language? Do you find it difficult to generate certain keywords, etc.?

Mary Kathryn Amiotte: Finding some matching words on the card is probably the most important thing! Although Phyrexian tends to use shorter sentences than English, it also builds very long words for complex concepts. Sometimes I want to break lines to make the text easier to read, but there isn’t enough space on the tag to do that while keeping the writing legible.

Which Phyrexian word do you think best represents the plane?

Mary Kathryn Amiotte: Well, the term Phyrexia (old and new) is actually quite interesting, which by definition means plane! It literally translates to “Phrexian World” or, more humorously, “Phyrexian Continent”, combined with the same word used for “land” in the Phyrexian baseland.

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Bella Gao: Phyrexia isn’t really a one-sided entity, so it’s hard to use just one word to represent them – the solar year causes the five archers to disagree on values. We use words to represent the 5 Phyrexian philosophies of the base land.

Is there a praetor who is naturally more suitable as a figure to work with, to speak for this sort of thing?

Mary Kathryn Amiotte: I wouldn’t say I have a favorite, but I think part of the reason they’re so fun to write is the variety in characterization. Some of my favorite lines we’ve translated are by Elesh Norn, but I wouldn’t like it very much if all I did was translate into her very realistic and relevant dialect. I like to flip it over and translate it into Urabrask, which makes me think about what words in the sentence he could leave out or cut out, or Sheoldred, for whom the solemn Old Phrexian challenged me to create a translation. not only precise but also poetically fluent.

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