Married At First Sight: Why Fans Think Johnny & Myrla Aren’t Dating

Johnny Lam and Myrla Feria at Love at first sight In season 13, viewers weren’t sure if the controversial alumni pair would extend beyond the friend zone, even as the pair grew closer. In the latest chapter of the experimental dating series, where neither Johnny nor Meera have found the right partners, fans speculate that the ex has cultivated their relationship in the weeks since leaving the show. actual program. From the couple’s secret flirting to Myrla’s stylish tastes, here’s Why Love at first sight Fans think Johnny and Meera are just friends.

Even when they got married to their life partner in Season 13, Johnny and Myra’s chemistry was still evident. Love at first sightaudiences. Johnny and Myrla’s disdain for the partner that relationship experts have paired them with further accentuates their attraction. During his marriage to Bow, Johnny was often criticized for belittling his ex-wife. From laughing at her insecurities to accusing her of dishonesty, Johnny remained faithful to his wife until he was rejected by Po on Decisive Day. Likewise, Myrla’s ex-husband Gil doesn’t fit many of the reality star’s requirements, including a steady income and thick hair. Through their reunion, Myrla and Johnny have formed a blossoming friendship that fans believe will deepen.

After Bao rejected Johnny and Myrla filed for divorce from Gil shortly after the end of season 13, Johnny and Myrla seemed to have a burgeoning romance. During the reunion, Johnny and Marla talked about their friendship and how they’ve been traveling together since the show. In addition, the two regularly appear in each other’s social media posts, from Thanksgiving to bingo night. Understandably, fans thought that Johnny and Meera had become their own matchmakers and took their chances in this relationship. in a recent interview houston chroniclesHowever, Johnny denied rumors that he and Myrla were more than just friends. Johnny explained “He’d rather keep their friendship forever than ruin it,” But fans think there are other reasons Love at first sight You still haven’t crossed the friendzone. One Reddit user cynically wrote, “Isn’t Johnny and Myrla about friendship? Yeah… yeah…”

Many fans were shocked to learn that Johnny and Meera didn’t take advantage of their obvious chemistry, but others Love at first sight Followers were quick to offer possible explanations for their platonic relationship. One popular theory is that Myrla doesn’t like dating Johnny. Although Johnny provides for Myrla’s financial needs, viewers are also aware of his ex-wife’s high standards. One fan speculated, “[Johnny] The water may have been tested, but Myrla was adamant about keeping him in the friend zone. “ Another reason some viewers feel Johnny and Myra aren’t dating is that they flirt for the wrong reasons. The cynical fans said that Johnny and Bao did not develop feelings for each other but wanted to make his ex-wife jealous. After watching their reunion, one reviewer commented, “All the flirting… is intentional, mainly to annoy Jill.”

Johnny and Myrla are not the most popular Love at first sight cast, but fans are hoping that at least one couple will leave season 13 with a romantic outlook. From Myrla’s high standards to the duo’s questionable performance at their reunion, viewers are unsure if Myrla and Johnny will make a good couple. Regardless of their pure identities, Myrla and Gil’s friendship is Love at first sight The last relationship of season 13.

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