Mini crosswords with answers: June 23, 2023

Jagran Josh Mini Crossword is a challenging way to keep your brain active while improving your vocabulary, learning new facts and testing your general knowledge. A new puzzle is released every day with clues on many topics, including English words, history, geography, science, technology, politics, business, economics, sports, etc.

Mini crossword puzzles are a fun and challenging way to spend a few minutes of your day. To solve puzzles, you need to scan the web for clues that you know or think you can answer. Once you’ve filled in some letters, you’ll be able to use them as hints to solve other words. If you get stuck, you can always use a dictionary or thesaurus to help you find the answer.

Solve new mini crosswords on Jagran Josh every day and learn new English words, general knowledge and quizzes!

Small crossword: June 23, 2023

Solve this mini crossword using the clues below:

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2. Study of planets, stars and galaxies. (9 letters)


1. The boundary divides the territory controlled by India from the territory controlled by China. (3 letters)

3. Mohiniyattam is a classical dance form of which state of India? (6 letters)

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Mini crosswords with answers: June 23, 2023

Check out the answers to the mini crossword below:

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Mini crossword answers

Up there:

2. Astronomy



3. Kerala

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