MTG’s Highest Value Reprints In Double Masters 2022

Dual Master 2022 It’s already released, and there are tons of high-value cards for you to choose from. Magic: The Gathering Collectors, box openers, limited edition players, etc.While not many Pioneers and modern staples make it into the set, there are plenty of older and newer Commander and 60-card staples Dual Master 2022 Although the price is still high, it is definitely worth buying. Whether you’re picking up a single card or opening a booster pack, it’s useful to know which cards have monetary value in addition to their gameplay effects.

When evaluating reprints, it’s most important to look at non-foil and non-alternative versions of the cards to see how prices have dropped since the set’s release. Many of the Borderless cards are much more expensive, but many players simply looking for a cheap copy are likely only interested in the main deck. double master Pretty good job on the production side magic Reprinted cards like Seal of the Empire will be cheaper, but many of these cards haven’t exactly dropped in price.

Dual Master 2022 Being in the awkward position of being both a high-value reprint and the most expensive booster pack ever released magicHistory. The price of reprinted cards will certainly drop, but supply will be limited by the number of players who open booster packs. However, if there is time to pick up a copy of these cards for deck building, it will be there at launch.

Cave of Souls is a collectible reprint of Two Masters of Magic

Of all the most valuable reprints, at least one still sees the presence of Fringe Games in Modern and Legacy . Caverns of Souls supports a large number of Horde decks in the 60-card format, such as Eldrazi, Human, and Merfolk, and is a mainstay of the Horde 100-card format MTG Commander deck. This land serves two main purposes: providing color fixation for tribes whose most powerful members are spread across color factions, and making spells uncounterable in unfavorable control matchups. It’s versatile enough to fit into any tribal deck and only occupies one spot.

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According to TCGPlayer’s reprint status, Cave of Souls will cost around $64, down from its peak of $90. It probably won’t work in every Commander deck, and it won’t add much to decks with a lot of five-color lands and fewer counterspells. However, Crypt of Souls would be a great reprint if one of the popular Horde Strategies were to come out in modern times, as it’s going to be pretty expensive when it’s playable.

Wren and the Six is ​​a Modern Horizons card with intense tournament play

Wren and the Six in

this modern vision The set of cards is both a blessing and a curse in many ways.Although modern MTG The format offers players a lot of possibilities, from the influx of powerful cards horizon Sets led to a disruption in the format, making many classic decks unplayable without gold upgrades.So far, the second most valuable reprint double master It’s Wren and Six. This two-mana planeswalker showed up immediately in Jond and remains popular in midrange decks looking for elements like incremental card advantage.

Print only one copy modern visionThe price of Wren and Six increases along with its playability. Before the reprint was announced, the card was priced well above $100, but the price has since dropped and could hit $65.Keep modern vision Given the sheer number of games people are seeing and the lack of places to reprint them, cheap cards are going to be hard to come by, so among the sets released this year, Dual Master 2022 Probably the only way to get your hands on a copy of Wren and Six for the time being.

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The Imperial Seal is a replica of a rare Magic the Gathering card

The Royal Seal of the 2022 Double Masters Competition

The Imperial Seal is an interesting case – a single printing Portal Three Kingdoms In 1999, this card was a unique effect that was mostly limited to Asia and New in Portal Three Kingdoms It’s interesting that it’s themed around Chinese history, but that does make reprinting this card in a future set cumbersome. Fortunately, with the cards such as “The Royal Recruiter”, “Borrowing One Hundred Thousand Arrows”, “Three Visits”, and “Burn the New Wilderness” finally being reprinted, the cost has also been reduced.

The only other version of Imperial Seal is a promotional card, much like MTG Secret Lair offers a promotion to the judges, which means the price of the regular version goes up. There are better search-style effects like Vampire Mentor, but Seal of the Empire makes Commander decks more consistent. Before the reprint, the Judge Promo card was worth an incredible $650, but Ddouble master Thankfully, reprints are available for $115 each.

Mana Vault is a powerful and controversial magic card

The mana treasure trove of Double Masters 2022

Cards like Mana Crypt and Mana Vault can be controversial in Commander – the ratio of the amount of mana spent to the amount of mana received is high enough to be included in any deck, but real-world The price puts many players off. “Mana Crypt” in eternal master, Karadesh masterpiece, and Mystery boosterbut Mana Vault needs to be reprinted in double master The price was still close to $100 before the reprint.

Luckily, the reprint is almost half the price at about $5. The overwhelming power of Mana Vault keeps it from being reprinted that frequently, so we cherish every opportunity to get a copy. Mana Vault is still an expensive card, but it should be available to more players who want to buy it.

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Docks Blackmailer is the latest powerful card released in Commander

Marina Blackmailer at Double Masters 2022

Docks Blackmailer seems like a good enough card – in Commander, players tend to play a lot of mana ramp spells and artifacts, so this somewhat underrated two-mana creature could level the playing field for whoever casts it. However, the way Docks Blackmail plays out in a typical game is that as early as turn six or seven, it can produce twenty or more mana for two mana. Combined with the effect that brings it back from the graveyard, Docks Blackmailer becomes one of the most powerful and swinging effects in Red Commander decks like Faldorn, Dread Wolf Herald, and others.

Unfortunately, this card was only printed in a Commander deck in 2019 and has not been reprinted since. The price of Dockside Exlertionist surged to nearly $80, but double master The reprint has brought the price down to around $50. Supply of the card is low, and the Dual Master version should be significantly cheaper when it releases.

Originally a $150 card, Mana Drain now sells for $35 and comes in two reprints. Emrakul, Aeons Torn has now been reprinted into three editions, with the final price dropping from a high of $70 to under $30.Reprint sets do work, but either Wizards of the Coast needs to be consistent and offer more tournaments and casual staples, or reprint sets are printed more frequently, maybe like the Mystery Files port strix. if anything, Dual Master 2022 and reprint sets show that cards require multiple magic Reprint at short notice to stay cheap. Borderless and etched foil variants are also important, but it would be better if most players could get regular copies of the popular cards.

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