One Piece Becomes Star Wars in Amazing New Official Art

Warning: Contains spoilers for One Piece Episode 1049 and One Piece Volume 105.piece Episode 1049 was released recently, and the animation crew celebrates it with stunning art references star wars. With the advent of social media, it has become common for creators to post bonus art to celebrate new parts of their stories. my hero academia Whenever a new manga volume or anime episode is released, author Kohei Horikoshi posts new artwork on Twitter, and bleach Creator Kubo Teeter even regularly releases artwork to coincide with the show’s airing Death: Thousand Years of Bloody War.

Of course, those who work exclusively on anime do the same, with animators and storyboard writers often posting artwork for the episodes they work on. piece Animation is a recent example, with animator Katsumi Ishizuka drawing art to celebrate their involvement piece Episode 1049.The art, like their work in this episode, is fantastic, but what takes it to the next level is how the art seems to reference star wars.

A work of art is the perfect tribute to A New Hope

Artwork by Katsumi Ishizuka piece Episode 1049 is especially great because it seems to clearly mention new Hope. The pose that Yamato strikes with their club, Takeru, is very reminiscent of Luke Skywalker’s pose on one of the classic posters for the movie, with Takeru even emitting a similar glow to Luke’s lightsaber. Luffy standing next to Yamato could be placing him in Leia’s position on the poster, and the juxtaposition of Momonosuke in the background could also be seen as a reference to Darth Vader’s position on the poster.

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saw one piece tribute to animators Star Wars: A New Hope Their art is great, and the episode itself makes it even better. Like other Wano Kuni episodes, Episode 1049 has been highly praised for its smooth, stylized art and animation, and contains some of the best episodes to date. Episode 1049 is one of the anime’s highlights, so the fact that it’s celebrated with one of the most cinematic movie posters ever made is entirely on point, with the quality of both clearly reinforcing each other.

One Piece’s Star Wars tribute actually owes something to the Yamato

The best thing about Katsumi Ishizuka quotes new Hope In their art it actually fits the story pieceYamato in the Wano Country Arc. Yamato’s story is about their rebellion against their evil father and the evil empire they created, joining forces with other rebels, and playing a key role in their eventual victory.Of course, all of this is reminiscent of the Luke and Leia story new Hope and the original star wars The trilogy as a whole, even though they didn’t always know Darth Vader was their father, so Ishizuka’s art reference new Hope Most likely on purpose.

There are also obvious similarities in the ending of the Yamato story in Wano Country star wars. At the end of the Wano arc, Yamato stays in Wano to help Momonosuke protect it from outside threats, which can be seen as a parallel to Leia’s efforts to rebuild the Republic after the fall of the Empire. Star Wars: Return of the Jedi.unknown whether piece Creator Eiichiro Oda has any star wars He had similar thoughts in mind when he wrote the Wano arc, but it’s great that Katsumi Ishizuka was able to find some and create some truly great art as a result.

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source: Ishizuka Katsumi

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