Pit bulls cry too: A pit bull abandoned by its owner is crying in a shelter

Heartbreaking photos of a crying pit bull named Blue King, abandoned by his owner at a shelter in California, have taken the internet by storm. No one expected Blue to react so emotionally. Fortunately, this story has a happy ending!

Due to a move, the owners sent Blue to a dog shelter and decided not to take him to a new home. An employee at the shelter offered Blue a treat, but he didn’t touch it. The dog’s tears didn’t stop flowing.

Dogs at the Carson, California shelter often perish if their owners are not found. The longer Blue stays in the shelter, the saddest his chances are of dying.

The shelter staff decided to help the distressed dog. They posted his video online in hopes of finding a family for him. Luckily, Blue soon found a home!

Out of the many dogs at the shelter, a woman named Jennifer chose Blue.

Jennifer said: ‘He looked so depressed and didn’t even notice me. While the other dogs were cheering and wagging their tails, he didn’t even move. The dog seems to understand that it has been betrayed and abandoned.”

Just look at it now! The new owner says that Blue is a completely different person now when he was at the shelter.

He loves sleeping, cuddling and looking in the mirror. There’s a lot to learn. But Jennifer is sure that this dog can do anything.

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