Safet Gjici Video Goes Viral On Twitter Leaves Reddit Scandalized

Recently, the video has become very popular on the Internet. Everyone is looking for a viral video on the internet because it features one of the political figures of Albania. Everyone in the audience is shocked when they find out and immediately begins searching the Internet for additional information. The general population uses the Internet to find out more about popular movies and political figures in Albania. They also look for information about him on the Internet.

Safet Gjici’s viral video

Due to the public’s curiosity about the viral video, we will provide details about it in this article. Also, the public is looking for a political figure for Albania, so we will also talk about him in this post and give details about his biography and connection of him with the popular video. When incidents like this happen, the public wants to know more about them, so they all start searching the internet. In this article, we have provided the information that all of our users are looking for on the Internet. For more information, search more on the Internet.

The internet is in shock as a video of Albanian political leader Safet Gjici in an inappropriate position has gone viral. The mayor of KukeΕ‘ was seen in his office having sex with an unknown woman. After the video went viral on the Internet, he announced his resignation. Since then, netizens have taken to social media to express their shock. According to the official Albanian media, Safet Gjici is undoubtedly the man in the video. It is also safe to conclude that he was undoubtedly in an intimate relationship with a woman at his workplace based on earlier footage of him being present in his office.

The representative of the Kuka municipality responded to the viral video saying: “It was made by those who couldn’t beat it by voting.” For those who don’t know, Safet Gjici is a member of the Socialist Party. On May 14 he won the municipal elections. However, he recently announced his resignation from that position on his official Facebook page. He said his opponents cornered him when he got personally involved. “Deepest public apology to everyone who watched that ugly video today,” the 51-year-old posted online. Unfortunately, after a challenging campaign and a battle with my opponents, which I won, I fell into a trap meticulously set for me by the same group of people I had to fight during the elections.

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Safet Gjici scandal video

Gjici was not a politician before; he was just a merchant. He works as CEO of Kevin Construction and EuroGjica. In addition, he holds the position of president of the football club FK Kukesi. National ministers quickly removed him from his post, according to Delina Ibrahima, the country’s finance minister, who made the announcement after his resignation. The incident shocked online users, who flooded the Internet with amusing comments. Others responded to the video in vulgar ways. Netizens reacted to the flood of similar videos.

Safet Gjica

This is not the first time that an Albanian politician has been involved in a scandal related to his sexual behavior. A similar incident caused Shukri Xhelili, the former mayor of Dibra, to lose his job as well. After losing the mayor Safet Gjici, KukeΕ‘ is undoubtedly in a difficult situation. The Albanian city is one of the poorest parts of the district and has a high unemployment rate. In addition, it was found that 37% of surviving residents intend to leave, and its popularity has fallen by 13% in the last ten years.

Safet Gjica

The mayor of Kuksa then issued a public apology to “everyone who saw that ugly video material”, announcing his resignation as a “minimum obligation” in a statement on Facebook. The mayor said in his article that “there is no excuse for what happened, despite having been captured,” adding that he “had an intimate relationship with the girl in question for some time.” The mayor tries to give a political connotation to this incident by accusing political opponents of it, despite the fact that it is a flagrant case. Subsequently, despite GjiΔ‡’s offer to resign, the government announced at the end of the session that it had decided to remove him. This was done through the Minister of Finance.

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The Special Prosecutor’s Office announced that it will request GjiΔ‡’s escort during the interview. Accused of “passive corruption” in 2016, the former mayor of Dibra, Xhelili, was arrested and later sentenced to 2 years and 8 months in prison. VOA. Entrepreneur Safet Gjici, born in Kuks on April 30, 1972, runs EuroGjici Security and Kevin Construction. In addition, he holds the position of president of the club FK Kuksi in the Albanian Super League. In the 2015 local elections, he ran as the Socialist Party candidate in the Kamz municipality, but was defeated by Xhelal Mziu of the Democratic Party. In the next mayoral race in 2019, Kuk was elected and won.

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