Selling The OC: Why Alexandra Jarvis Is A Fan Favorite

OC for sale is Netflix’s hot new spin-off series for sale sunset, real estate agent Alexandra Jarvis quickly became a fan Sell ​​Sunset, Sell OC It follows the life of a young, attractive real estate agent trying to sell a multi-million dollar property in Southern California.agent for sale sunset After breaking out in the Los Angeles real estate market, Jason Oppenheim of the Oppenheim Group decided to expand his horizons in Orange County.

cast OC for sale Made up of real estate agents who have been in the industry for many years and real estate agents who are just starting out. Kayla Carmona, one of the greener brokers, saw Alex Hall as a mentor and invited her to join her on the listing. However, Kayla’s difficult client prompts Alex to back out of the deal. Gio Helou is one of the most experienced sellers, but his arrogance irritates Alex. Polly Brindle prides herself on getting along with everyone, but she finds herself at odds with Alexandra Jarvis.

With so many great people working together, drama is bound to happen in the Oppenheim Group offices. Alexandra’s only close friend is Alexandra Rose, and she finds herself singled out by many realtors. However, Alexandra quickly became a favorite. Sell ​​OC fan. Reddit user u/EducationalOutside5 wrote, “Who is your favorite agent in Selling OC? Mine Transfer[ed] Be Jarvis. “ Other fans agreed, with one replying: “Of course Jarvis! At first I thought Jarvis and Ross were the bad guys, but it seems like everyone else is the bully! Kinda pissed me off.” Many agree that the duo’s success Sell ​​OC Real estate agents who work together receive cold reception from other members of the group and are excluded from many group events.

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when alexandra marvels OC for sale Fans were impressed by her beauty, and they were also impressed by her brains. During an argument with the cast, she used lawyer jargon, which angered Alex and Polly. Viewers thought Alexandra’s education intimidated real estate agents because she had a law degree. One Reddit user wrote, “Jarvis… is amazing. I’m tired of girls laughing at the way she speaks just because she uses big words. She’s a lawyer so what? I can’t believe that education would be used to insult her ,Ha ha.” Other viewers agreed, praising her for staying calm and polite during fights with other women. A OC for sale Fans responded, “Jarvis was a rock star. She was always polite to all the losers who yelled.”

The first season only has eight episodes; Sell ​​OC It’s easy to overeat. Fans have already voted their favorite characters and are predicting who will be the villain. Alex received mixed reactions from viewers, with many finding her unlikable because of the way she treated Alexandra and Keira. Although Alexandra was portrayed as the villain at the start of the season, she quickly won over fans and many liked her. OC for sale The ambitious real estate agent left a lasting impression on the audience.

Source: u/EducationalOutside5/Reddit

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