Sex Education season four: who dies in new episodes?

Sex Education is finally coming back to our screens and we couldn’t be happier to be back with our favorite characters, even if we have to say goodbye to them for the final installment of the hit series. However, one goodbye happens much more suddenly than we expected, since the character was killed off in the middle of the series. Details and Warning Season 4 Episode 4 Spoiler Alert…

After spending a somewhat turbulent time with her education in the US, Maeve returns home to find that her mother, the troubled but loving Erin who has a deeply complicated relationship with Maeve due to her drug addiction, has overdosed and died. As a result, Maeve spends time working on a crossword puzzle while in shock, before grabbing Otis’ hand for support when she finally returns to her friends.

WATCH: Netflix just shared the trailer for the fourth season of Sex Education

Reaching out to Xu to discuss Maeve’s heartbreaking story, one person wrote: “Maeve finally got something she worked so hard for and then the teacher had some kind of ego problem and now her mom is giving her pain again.”

Edward Bluemel as Sean and Emma Mackey as Maeve in episode 4

In previous seasons, Erin (played by Anne Marie Duff) was a minor character who tried to mend her relationship with Maeve, despite being an absentee mother to her daughter for most of her life, causing Maeve to grow up with her brother Sean. In season two, Erin moves in with Maeve and confirms she is sober, only for Maeve to discover the drugs and contact a social worker out of concern for her younger sister, causing Erin to lose custody. The couple eventually reconcile before Maeve leaves for America.

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Anne Marie Duff played Erin© Sam Taylor/NetflixAnne Marie Duff played Erin

Speaking about her character on the show, Emma Mackey, who plays Maeve, told Newsweek what trait she would most like in the character, explaining: “It” would be not apologizing, I think I’ve learned that from her in my own life. I try to hold my head high and not apologize and be nice all the time because it’s not always necessary. I realized that it is a wonderful quality to be able to spend my energy on people who are actually worth it. ”

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Maeve learns that her mother, Erin, has diedMaeve learns that her mother, Erin, has died

Fans loved the final season, which arrived on Netflix at the end of September. One person wrote: “I cried a lot watching Sex Education season 4. It was brilliant,” while another person added: “#sexeducation is so good and important it hurts. Not because I envy the talent and work of the creators, but because that makes you laugh and cry at the same time every 5 minutes. Awesome.”

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