Spider-Man: 10 Things Comics Fans Need To Know About Spider-Punk

Spiderpunk is one of the latest Spider-Man to have his own manga with five miniseries punk spider Have Released in April 2022. Many fans will recognize him for his breakout role in the comic book series “Spider-Man” a few years ago.

This new series will take readers deeper into the mind and world of this anarchic spider. However, with all the great versions of Spider-Man, it’s hard to keep them straight, and there are some details that even devoted fans may not know or remember.

He first appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man Episode 2. 3 #10

Spider-Man events happened in ultimate Spiderman The manga has become one of the most popular storylines in recent years and inspired the movie Spider-Man: Entering the Spider-Man Universe. Spiderpunk is one of many variations of Spider-Man in these comics, and there are even rumors that it will appear in the sequel, Spider-Man: Entering the Spider-Man Universe.

Spider-Punk stands out among fans for his hardcore rock aesthetic and the fact that he’s a character he’s never seen before. There, he assisted the other Spider-Mans in defeating Morlun and the Heirs.

he is from earth 138

Punk . Spider Collection

There are many worlds in the Marvel Comics multiverse, but Spiderpunk comes from Earth-138, an outdated version of Earth-616 where Norman Osborn is president. In this universe, Spiderpunk is a freedom fighter fighting against oppression and rebelling against the fascist government.

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Not much is known about Earth 138, but it is known that America is run by corporations that specialize in keeping ordinary people below the poverty line. It is filled with corrupt and militarized police forces such as President Norman Osborn’s Thunderbolt Unit and the Venom Force.

His secret identity is Hobart “Hobby” Brown

In the comics, Hobie Brown gleefully raised her guitar.

Spiderpunk’s secret identity is Hobart Brown. He is a homeless teenager who becomes a powerful punk rock variant of Spider-Man when he is bitten by a radioactive spider. Hobby Brown used her new powers to rally the support of the lower classes to overthrow the Norman Osborn-led regime.

On Earth-616, Hobart Brown’s identity is even more sinister; he is the original Prowler. Introduced in 1969, this version of Prowler was a thief until Peter Parker helped him see his mistake and eventually became Peter’s ally.

His origin is different from 616 Spiderman

Spider-Man Sweeps New York

Spiderpunk’s origin story, although similar to that of Peter Parker, has some key differences. Spiderpunk gained superpowers after being bitten by a radioactive spider caused by illegal dumping of waste by President Norman Osborn’s corporation.

As a new Spider-Man, he began using his powers to help rebel against President Norman Osborn. The origin story makes a clear distinction between the two spider-man-themed heroes and helps to present the dark corporate-controlled reality in which Spider-Man lives.

He leads an army of spiders

Spider-Man in Spiderpunk Comics,

The spider army may sound scary, but Spiderpunk’s army of spiders is not a literal army of spiders. Instead, it is a collective of other freedom fighters. Spiderpunk quickly became the leader of his world and built an army of supporters and rebels who wanted to help overthrow President Osborn and overthrow the authoritarian government.

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The Army of Spiders helps Spiderpunk by causing riots and chaos in the streets, while providing him with the resources he needs to fight President Osborn. With the help of the Army, Spiderpunk amassed a bunch of 15,000-watt punk rock and amplifiers to destroy Osborn’s technology.

he killed Norman Osborn with his guitar

normal person

Hobby Brown is definitely a more violent and revolutionary version of Spider-Man than the classic Peter Parker. Earth-616 Spider-Man will never kill to defeat his enemies. However, in a world as corrupt and unforgiving as Earth-138, this is often necessary.

With the help of the Spider Army, Spider-Punk was able to destroy the Thunderbolts and their technology. Spiderpunk managed to defeat Osborn, killing him by punching him in the head with his electric guitar. After the death of President Osborn, Spiderpunk was revealed to the crowd, who saw him as a savior.

he has a rock band

The punk spider plays the guitar in the comic

Spider Killers is a punk rock band Spider-Man. At one of their concerts sponsored by Radio Free Medianet, they were interrupted by Adrian Toomes, owner of Toomestone Records. Toomes bought Free Medianet in an attempt to shut down Spiderpunk and his band.

The furious spider slayer and his army of fan spiders begin to fight against Adrian Toomes and his security forces. The battle is then interrupted by a rift in the multiverse, yielding Ducktor Doom 2099, the duck version of Doctor Doom.

He was in a version of Gwen Stacy

Spiderpunk with Gwen Stacy in the comics.

Gwen Stacy is considered one of Spider-Man’s most frequent love interests, so it’s no surprise that this alternate version is also about her. However, not much is known about Earth-138’s version of Gwen Stacy, other than Spider-Punk calling her the most influential musician of her generation.

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Gwen Stacy is dead in the current 138 universe, so it will be interesting to see if the current miniseries explores their relationship more deeply. Readers may also wonder what exactly was the cause of her death.

The foreman from Earth-818 in the Marvel comics.

Spider-Man features some of the best villains of all time in Marvel Comics. The dark world of spiderpunk introduces some ruthless variations of some of these popular characters. The greedy foreman, Nazi Kraven and music mogul Adrian Toomes are just some of the villains he has to face.

These characters show a world dominated by corporate greed and answer the question of what kind of crime emerges when corrupt businessmen take control of a country. The world of spiderpunk is still new and evolving, so it remains to be seen what wild villains will appear next.

He fought alongside a group of anarchist heroes

Spiderpunk and Captain America in the comics.

In Earth-138, anarchy is key. Spider-Punk is often referred to as the anarchist Spider-Man, and after being tightly controlled by President Osborne, the other heroes rebelled and joined Spider-Punk to acquire themed nicknames. anarchy.

Captain Anarchy (Karl Morgenthau), Riotheart (Riri Williams) and Hulk (Robbie Banner) are Spider-Punk heroes fighting side by side. Their powers are essentially the same as their Earth-616 counterparts, but like the Spiderpunks, they are generally more ruthless.

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