Stranger Things: 10 Hilarious Eleven Memes That Will Make You LOL

Creating and sharing memes about our favorite shows is one of our favorite ways to celebrate the medium and Strange things No exception. The Netflix show offers three seasons of comedy memes, and we used memes about Hopper, Joyce, and even Alexie to express our feelings. If a photo is 1,000 words, a meme is 8,000 pixels… give or take.

So it’s no surprise that the Eleven memes bring us so much joy, especially when they’re funny. Of course, the touching stories about her and Hope brought us a lot of emotions, but the hilarious stories kept us laughing throughout the day.

nine eleven

interstellar travel fans will laugh with this mashup Interstellar Travel: The Traveler And Strange things. Not only is this a fun number game, giving math enthusiasts the opportunity to debate whether a character can be a minor part of a character, but it also pits science fiction against science fiction, alluding to two strong female characters—even if they are very different in personality.

Eleven is particularly interesting as a Borg drone, considering her attitude and difficulty getting along with others in season one. This meme really alleviates that, because her childhood was really heartbreaking on the show.

call all introverts

meme weird things

This hilarious meme is an inspiration for all the introverts who watch the show. Who wouldn’t want to build a fortress in Mike’s basement and live off of the Self? Sure, it can get a little lonely, but you can always join the group for some D&D over the weekend.

The reality of the movie makes that line all the more heartbreaking when we realize that Eleven never had anyone around, especially friends, so if we were to use it as a meme to show how much modern introverts prefer their own company to other people’s company, that would make us laugh out loud.

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She’s our friend, she’ll break your arm

Eleven is not a character that can cause trouble. She has an innocent appearance, but some fans believe that she is actually the villain of the series, as she is one of the most violent characters in the world. When Dustin used her to threaten his bullies and said she was crazy and if they messed with the boys again, he would kick them out, he wasn’t wrong.

This meme makes Eleven more of a villain, who is really just there to kick ass and eat toasted waffles. Implying that she is actually a bored bully who wants to bully people because she doesn’t have her favorite food.

eleven is pam at the dinner party

Eleven escaped from the Hawkins Lab not to save the world, to be a weirdo, or to prove her superpowers, but to get some good food and care. She is literally starving and being treated like a tested animal for life. Although someone spoke badly of her, she honestly just wanted to eat to fill her stomach. The same goes for their praise: as long as she’s fed, they can sing whatever they want.

This meme is pretty funny as it suggests that Office and Pam just want to eat at the dinner party. Of course, Eleven is more hungry and only interested in survival at this point.

The evolution of eleven

If Eleven is a Pokemon, here’s a meme describing her evolution. It’s a fresh take on the “future is a woman” meme, joking that the women in power are too busy taking care of their hair. Hypothesis Eleven’s next stage is the Negative Teen Warhead dead pool Gaining fame, she eventually evolves into Furiosa Crazy Max: Road of Rage.

The best thing about this meme, besides how hilarious it is, is that there’s a lot of feminine power in it. It reminds us of the great characters of the last decade of sci-fi and makes us yearn for more.

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Give her Eggos, no one will get hurt

No meme can describe El’s love for Eggos better than this one. With a completely understandable gesture, she told us exactly what would happen if she finished her favorite food. Sure, it’s a heartbreaking moment on the show when she reveals what happens to the people who help her, but it’s just as hilarious for the memes as it is for liking a hashtag.

What’s even more interesting is how much actress Millie Bobby Brown, who plays Eleven, despises Argos in real life. This makes Eggers’ requests all the more ironic, as Brown would never ask for them this way, even though she loves them.

Feeling old?

The internet loves to make people feel old, especially when it comes to sharing photos of famous child actors alongside adults, with the words next to it: “Remember this actor? He looks like this today! Do you feel old?”

The funny thing about this meme is that it’s actually an imitation of that meme! The negative Sonic Girl Slug is clearly not Eleven, but we have to wonder how many people fooled by fake news can also be fooled by this fake meme and wonder how many years have passed since the first season.

she is a swan

Eleven people survive alone in the woods, upside down, tortured at the Hawkins lab, and isolated from Hopper. Of course, she could be part of the Swanson family. Although many thought she was healthy, Al committed some serious acts of violence in her youth that forced Ron Swanson to give up. parks and recreation Proud – hence this meme.

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Sure, she has a kind heart and has saved the world many times, but she also threw Lucas very hard, broke Troy’s arm, killed a group of people who threatened her, and learned to use her nod to do some damage.

eleven house phones

the first episode of Strange things there is a very ET This vibe runs throughout the collection. Nostalgia is one of the reasons the show is so successful, but it also makes this meme so funny because Eleven, while not technically an alien, is the show’s alien.

Like aliens, she doesn’t understand anything from general communications to television. It broke our hearts, but this meme restored our hearts by turning her into an actual alien on Halloween, in Mike’s bike basket instead of Elliot’s. She is covered with his sheets instead of Nancy’s dress and wig. It also looked so funny, we couldn’t stop laughing.

woman screaming into the funnel

The “woman scolding cat” meme is one of the most popular on the internet, so of course it would be hilarious when it was filmed in Stranger Things. Of course, Eleven is the woman who screams at the white cat Hopper, accusing him of being like “Dad”. Fans know this to refer to Dr. Brenner’s incident when he asked El to call him “Daddy” because he was testing her and trying to use her as a weapon.

The cat’s reaction is priceless, because Hopper really doesn’t look like Brenner. Sure, he might be a control freak, but he’s definitely trying to look out for his daughter’s best interests… most of the time.

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