The 75-year-old legend of Cher without makeup was caught by the paparazzi while on an adventure vacation

Famous singer Cher has gone viral on social media with her no-makeup look. She was on vacation, and the paparazzi took pictures of her without makeup.

This photo caught the attention of fans and society at large. Societey is not used to seeing such photos of celebrities.

Cher is swimming in the water and this scene was filmed while she was in the water. In general, she cannot wear a luxurious dress or an evening gown but this photo leaves many question marks.

She’s on an adventure tour and she looks unique. She goes surfing in a small white boat.

She was wearing an unusual orange short-sleeved T-shirt. All fans were surprised by her appearance revealing her real age.

They even say that she is unrecognizable without makeup. Despite her age and these images, fans still rate her as extremely luxurious and quite beautiful.

Even without makeup, she is still an icon that is loved and adored by fans.

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