The Owl House Season 3 Still Hasn’t Fixed Its Glyph Magic Problem

Warning: There are spoilers for The House of Owls Season 3, Episode 1.owl house There’s a big problem with its visual magic, and even as the show moves into Season 3 — its final season — it hasn’t been fixed. Although normally only witches can use magic owl house, Luz Noceda can use magic like a human by drawing special figures that activate different spells depending on the figure. Season 2 expands on this concept, introducing the idea of ​​Luz combining and modifying her four original images in different ways to create new ones, opening up the possibility for the show to become more of a show. highly creative thanks to Luz’s magic.

there’s always a lot of disney owl house It’s possible to do it with glyph magic, but unfortunately it’s still plagued by problems as the show goes on owl house Season 3. While there is an established creative concept for magic, that same concept is completely underutilized throughout the show. That’s bad enough on its own, but the Season 3 premiere made things worse by seemingly violating its own rules about how glyph magic works, and so it creates the impression that the play has no good idea of ​​what to do with itself.

House of Owls is wasting its best magic system

the biggest problem is owl houseThe glyph magic is a completely underused basic concept. Season 2 introduces the combination of Luz and adapts her in owl house Season 1 created new in all aspects, but did not do anything. For the rest of the season, Luz only uses the same four symbols as in season 1, occasionally using her stealth and hover icons, which feels like it’s not doing anything. which part 1 can’t do. What’s even worse is that episode 15 of season 2 shows Luz trying out four new glyph combinations unlike anything she’s used before, but she never uses them again. That’s one thing owl house Doesn’t do anything with the creative potential of Luz’s glyph magic, but introduces new glyphs that really fit the concept and does nothing just make the show lazy; There’s also a bit of irony in owl house Season 2 episode 2 has Eda expressing that she can use glyph magic to cast any spell one wants, except that Luz basically just casts the spells she cast. used since part 1.

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The House of Owls Season 3 made a hole in the magic map Glyph

Lutz uses glyph magic in season 3

Magic Glyph is mostly the problem tonhe shows, but owl house Season 3 makes it worse by creating a plot hole in how it all works. At the end of season 1, Luz finds out that she can’t use glyph magic on Earth because she can’t get energy from giants, but in the season 3 premiere, she had It is possible to use glyph magic by drawing energy from a vial so that some of the Giants’ Blood has been hidden in the cemetery for centuries. The problem is that when Luz fought Lilith in the Disney show, she was unable to cast magic on Earth while standing in front of an open portal while using the titan’s blood given directly to her by the portal key. that. It doesn’t make any sense for Luz to be able to use magic in season 3 if she can’t use magic in season 1 while being so close to the giants. A future episode could explain this discrepancy, but for now, it’s more than just a plot hole that makes the show’s handling of glyph magic worse.

How The House Of Owls Season 3 Solves Its Glyph Magic

Owl House Part 3

Between doing very little with the core concept and introducing a glaring plot hole in the series, owl house There’s an obvious problem with its glyph magic, but it’s not too late to fix it for season 3. With a hole in the plot, it’s easy for Dana Terrace’s next episodes owl house Arguably, there’s something specific about portals or keys that prevents Luz from using them to draw power. As for underuse of glyphs in general, all Luz needs to do is use more figurative magic in his final battle with Belos and the Collector. It doesn’t make up for how little the program has done with glyph magic before, but at least it allows the program to end up with the core concept of finally using it.

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Luz’s glyph magic is owl housebut even as the series enters its third season, it still hasn’t addressed the biggest issues surrounding it. Not only Disney Channel owl house It doesn’t do anything creative with glyph magic, but sometimes it even contradicts its own rules, all of which combine to make what should be the franchise’s signature. commercial rights became weak. There’s still time for the program to fix the way it handles glyph magic, and with any luck it won’t hesitate to do so.

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