The woman was assigned. A giant bear, an ignorant soldier, is hiding in it

A soldier decided to be super creative and sweet with his repatriation plan – and it all happened on Valentine’s Day.

Ryan wanted to surprise his wife, so with the help of a friend, he donned a bear costume and sat on his wife’s porch while his friend filmed the entire moment.

Imagine wearing his uniform while trying to wear it. Ryan is really struggling to get in there!

Flowers and messages are ready, his friend is filming, and tension is high.

He finally got his head in, so all he had to do now was sit there and wait as soft as a lifeless doll. Except this bear is 6 feet tall.

Now it’s time for a big surprise for Valentine’s Day! The man filming walked over and knocked, and seconds later Ryan’s wife, Megan, stepped out, grinning from ear to ear.

The cameraman, acting as an alibi, informed her that Ryan had sent some gifts and that she had to read the message in front of the camera because her husband wanted a reaction. After all, he is “overseas”.

Megan put the flowers away, opened the note and started reading the message.

Immediately after, the bear Ryan slowly moved so as not to spoil the surprise. Who knows if he can even see inside!

Viewers commented: “Only soldiers can stand in silence even though they are wearing heavy clothes for dolls.”

He’s finally back… What a beautiful moment between husband and wife as they embrace after a long time apart.

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Another viewer wrote:

“I served 20 years in the army and I often watch videos of this unexpected return home. This is the best I’ve seen so far. The setting is great, but the love of these two prevails. God bless you both and thank you for your service, young man.”

Only the soldier knows that feeling.

He’s finally back… What a beautiful moment between husband and wife as they embrace after a long time apart.

The video is so sweet and cute that it has garnered over 17 million views to date. Even a grown man can have blurred vision!

Hit play below to see the surprise for yourself!

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