What The Grandfather Clock Means In Stranger Things Season 4

Warning: Spoiler strange things Season 4.

There was some meaning behind the pendulum clock that appeared before the eyes of the victims of Vecna strange things Part 4.one of the first elements strange things Season 4 was introduced by fans as a pendulum clock (in 2020), although no one could understand what the marketing team was trying to achieve by including it in different trailers. Unfortunately for the people of Hawkins, it turned out to be some sort of calling card for season 4’s new villain, Vecna.

Vecna ​​is not a monster like the Demogorgon or the Mind Flayer, nor does it chase after Eleven or her powers; instead, Vecna ​​is an anthropomorphic dark witch who is using her powers to assemble some sort of team, similar to what the Mind Flayer did in strange things Part 2 with Demodogs. But there is much more; he doesn’t pick people at random, and he doesn’t kill people when he feels like it. His mode of action is quite calculated, first pursuing one’s psyche, then pursuing one with illusions, and finally bringing one into his own realm.

As Max explains, Vecna ​​preys on her victims first by causing severe headaches, then nosebleeds, and finally hallucinations of their past trauma. For Max, it was seeing Billy, who died in the Battle of Star Plaza. But before Vecna ​​reaches his victims, he gives them a visualization of the pendulum clock, essentially letting them know that he has less than a day left to live. Max arranges the timeline and notes that both Chrissy and Fred (and later Patrick) died within 24 hours of their first sighting. Furthermore, this is consistent with Henry Creel’s obsession with world order and his emphasis on time – seconds, minutes, hours, etc. – as an imposition on nature. In a way, time has fueled his hatred of humans.

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One popular theory is that the pendulum clock could be the gateway to the Upside Down.exist strange things In season 4, it was shown inside the Creel House and even cracked (or fully cracked) in the trailer, which means it’s gotten more use out of it. Considering Vecna ​​is someone who has been in the Upside Down for decades (if not longer) and has the ability to open portals wherever he attacks victims, it’s possible the pendulum clock Originally the Upside Down Gate entry was plausible, or at least an amplifier of Vecna’s gate openability, but this has yet to be confirmed.

Interestingly, in the real world, it is believed that if a pendulum clock appears in someone’s dream, it means that the person’s past is catching up with them and the anxiety of digging up forgotten or repressed memories, it is an element of Vecna ​​that can enter the human mind and evoke traumatic memories. So for the victims of Vecna strange things In Season 4, that symbol holds water. It has also been suggested that the pendulum clock applies to patriarchal values, namely one’s obedience to or revenge on patriarchy, another element that Henry Creel applied twice – once times against his naive belief that he was a good man Father Victor Krill, and again with Dr. Brenner, the doctor he was trying to escape.

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