What you see first in this optical illusion reveals whether you’re ultra sensitive or morally strong

WHAT you first see in this optical illusion reveals whether you are an incredibly sensitive person or morally strong.

The puzzle master explained that there are two ways of looking at the black and white image, the first being that it is simply a bit of smoke in the area.


The first thing you see reveals a lot about youCredit: tiktok/@mia_yilinAre you ultra sensitive or morally strong?


Are you ultra sensitive or morally strong? Credit: tiktok/@mia_yilin

Kicking off the video, she told viewers: “If you were the first to see the smoke, then you care a lot about what other people think of you and you take your reputation very seriously.

“You always want to show your best side to others and enjoy compliments and praise.”

However, if you happen to hear anything negative about yourself, you are likely to dwell on it for a long time.

TikTok user mia.yilin continued, “When it comes to relationships, you’re constantly afraid of losing the person you care about.”

This is especially true if you are particularly close to the person and have developed an emotional attachment.

However, if you saw a fetus in smoke for the first time, it means that you have a “firm set of moral rules” to follow when dealing with awkward people or situations.

“Because you are very righteous and have a bottom line, there are certain temptations you will never give in to,” she continued, “no matter how tempting.

“Nothing is more important to you than being alive and healthy.”

Talking about what you want most, she said you don’t need “huge riches”.

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Instead, seek to feel stable, happy and at peace with yourself and the people you love.

People flocked to the comments section to share their thoughts and find out how accurate it was for them.

One person wrote: “Wow this is the reason I like and follow because you are always right.”

Another said: “The first one I really agree with!” followed by a red heart emoticon.

The third said that they were completely opposite to what they saw because they wrote: “I saw a fetus, but I am just smoke”.

While the fourth added: “I saw the fetus and it sounds good.”

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