Whoopi Goldberg Voices Michelle Buteau's Breasts in New Film Babes: 'Dream Come True'

Whoopi Goldberg’s latest film role is a “dream come true” for fellow actress Michelle Buteau.

During the interview at View on Friday, May 17, Buteau detailed how Goldberg, 68, ended up voicing her character Dawn’s breasts in the new comedy piecesdirected by Pamela Adlon.

Like Adlon, 57, Buteau, 46, and others pieces star Ilana Glazer sat with ViewHosted to discuss their latest project, co-host Sara Haines revealed she was “not warned” about Goldberg’s latest voice acting, in which she portrayed Buteau’s breasts in a “fantastic sequence.”

“[We] wanted to bring Michelle’s character Dawn’s breasts to life,’ explained Glazer, 37. “And we thought, ‘Who would do it better than Whoopi Goldberg?’ ”

“I mean, it’s a dream come true,” Buteau interjected. “The dream came true.”

Adlon added that it was “a little unbelievable” to direct Goldberg for the role, which was done by calling Zoom. “It wasn’t personal, no,” Buteau clarified.

Ilana Glazer calls being a mom to her daughter an ‘amazing experience’: ‘Very lucky’ (Exclusive)

Elsewhere during the performance at Viewthe pieces the director revealed that the “comedy” and “heart” of the project spoke to her, calling the film’s two stars “comedy magicians.”

“[I was able to] take that energy and keep it in a place we can all relate to,” Adlon said pieceswhich marks her feature directorial debut and follows two childhood friends through the journey of motherhood.

“It was real. It had all the pregnancy stuff, so people say, ‘Oh, that’s a terrible raunchy.’ No, it’s literally about pregnancy,” she said.

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Glazer — whose character, Eden, becomes pregnant after a one-night stand in the film — previously opened up to PEOPLE about how her motherhood has affected her work on pieces while attending the Writers Guild Awards in New York on April 14. At the time, she called the film “a very joyful take on parenthood because I’m in a very fortunate position where I’m having an amazing experience.”

“I think it’s incredibly difficult, but there are certainly no complaints,” added Glazer, who shares her 2-year-old daughter with husband David Rooklin.

Michelle Buteau in ‘Babes’.


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Glazer also spoke to PEOPLE in 2022 about becoming a mom and revealed what she wishes she had known before going through the “amazing” experience.

“I’m watching [my daughter] and I’m like, ‘Wow, dude.’ And how she’s growing and learning every day and how it makes me realize that I’m growing and learning every day — okay, not at the rate a baby does — but still, just our discovery,” Wide city said the star.

“I wish someone had told me that sleeping is one of the hardest parts of pregnancy,” she added. “Your body prepares you to be awake at all hours of the day with a baby. I wish they had told me that so I would have known to sleep until 2pm every day when I could.”

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piecesreleased on May 17, it’s in theaters now.

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