10 Most Overpowered Character Builds In Critical Role History

most overwhelming Key role Characters are crucial to conveying the scope and limits of arcane magic in the world of Exandria.back Vox Machina Legend Introducing fans to Percy’s powerful guns and Vox’s bloodthirsty daggers, viewers of the animated adaptation of Battle One will soon discover who is truly the most powerful member of the Vox Machina.For long-time viewers of Matt Mercer’s tables (who are often players themselves), the most powerful Key role The characters provide the template for a campaign that also seeks to unleash the power of the gods.

In fact, after hundreds of hours at the infamous dinner table, Key role The cast has proven that some of their characters can be a bit overpowered. That said, any homemade activity is a violation of the rules. DND Perfect for DMs and players’ personal touches – especially for the most famous homebrew table in history.Here are the most OP ones Key role characters, and how they impact the show.

10 Caleb

While his failing health often leaves him nothing more than a corpse on the battlefield, the traumatized fire wizard Caleb packs a remarkable punch before collapsing. Caleb’s reality-bending abilities more than make up for his physical weaknesses. When Caleb was bewitched by a succubus, he nearly killed the entire mighty Nein himself. That alone would make him ridiculously overwhelming, but the fact that he has more kills than any other member of the Nein clan certainly speaks volumes.Undoubtedly one of the most powerful Key role The characters all have a very dark history.

9 bets

The most powerful character plays a key role

While the Monk isn’t the strongest class in the late game, Beau is a beast in the early game.In part, this is thanks to having one of the best homebrew subclasses DND Cobalt Soul Path subclass with Matt Mercer. Her Sentinel exploits make her an absolute monster in battle, while her intelligence makes her a threat both in and out of conflict. But even so, her ability to fall slowly aided her multiple times throughout the campaign, and thankfully helped prevent another goldfish incident.Beau is undoubtedly one of the most powerful due to her versatility Key role figure.

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8 Laudner

Laudna's key role

depends on how Key role Creative director Marisha Ray has balanced the characters’ futures, with the Hollow Warlock and the Warlock Laudna usually only needing to make a successful Charisma saving throw to avoid death. She can also be brought back to life by rolling any number from 16 to 20. This is what really keeps Laudna alive, which is an interesting thematic element considering she’s immortal.one of the best characters in key role During the third battle, Laudna was affected by the Sun Tree and assumed a fearful form, which also made her one of the most powerful people. Key role figure.

7 clown

Clown Lavor in Critical Role is flipping through a book

The fun-loving clown isn’t just a character who exists to tell funny anecdotes or admire her fellow travelers. Although Jester often has to – reluctantly – resort to healing her teammates, Jester actually ranks fifth among the Nein in terms of the number of “How do you want to do this?” She earned it.Even just with her attributes, Joker ranks among the most powerful Key role Character: 20 Wisdom, 18 Dexterity, 18 Constitution. Her strong defense means opponents need to roll 19 to hit her. With these staggering statistics, combined with her ability to use her intelligence to her advantage, killing the Joker is nearly impossible, as the Witch discovers.

6 Arkhan

A split image of Arkhan is shown.

As a guest character, Arkhan wasn’t designed for the entire campaign.Maybe that’s why Arkhan is easily the strongest contender Key role figure. After all, with an AC of 24, it’s nearly impossible to hit him, and after taking Vecna’s power, he became even more powerful. As the only guest to deal over 100 points of damage in a single round, he is undoubtedly a threat.It makes sense then that Akhan would also be that guy Key role guest Characters that are truly engraved in reality Dungeons and Dragons Canon.It is worth noting that Arkhan is not only one of the most OP Key role character, but he was also played by actor Joe Manganiello.

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5 spirits

Grog looking at Sylas's sword in Legends of Vox Machina

Given that he does more damage than any character Key role’s campaign, Vox Machina’s lovable giants are no slouch either. Grog often uses his rage perfectly to slice through any enemy, no matter how much bigger they actually are than he is.Grog chops down villain after villain in a row Key rolegiving him a place among the most powerful Key role A role of pure muscle. His only weakness is that he is powerless against flying enemies, and after receiving the Dwarf Thrower, even this isn’t a problem for him. Indeed, there is no beast that the mighty Grog cannot crush.

4 Wax

Vax'ildan, the brown-haired half-elf thief from The Legend of Vox Machina, smiling softly

While Wax Ildan doesn’t always seem so powerful, it’s no surprise that the Champion of the Raven Queen is also one of the most powerful Key role figure. Although he died and fell unconscious more times than any other member of Vox Machina, and met the most tragic of ends, Vax was not an incompetent man in combat.Half-elves do the most damage of all Key role The character’s single attack points are 109 points. To make matters worse, he is the fastest character on the show, as Vax can move 480 feet in a single circle.

3 Percy

Percy kicks someone in Legend of Vox Machina

As a normal guy with a bit of a nerdy streak, one wouldn’t expect Percy to be among the strongest Key role figure. Nonetheless, the gunslinger knows how to use his skills to his advantage and often wreaks havoc on the battlefield.His combat effectiveness is directly improved from Key role for Vox Machina Legend It shows. Every brutal display is exactly the kind of brutal, calculated murder he sets out to bring to the table. As a smart guy with 20 points of Intelligence and 20 points of Nat twice as much as 1 point, Percy is a huge threat. Ignoring him will surely lead to the demise of any villain – as House Thornwood has learned.

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2 Yaksha

The most powerful character plays a key role

It’s hard to kill a woman who’s so angry she doesn’t want to die. When Yasha reaches level 15, it is no longer possible to suppress her. With the help of her “Beyond Death’s Fury” ability, constant rage, and Asma’s healing hands, she can survive as long as she can rage. Also, as long as she is raging, she can restore herself to 1 hit point and remain standing. Coupled with her strengths as a barbarian, Yaksha truly strikes fear into the team when they face her under Orban’s charisma. Interestingly, Yasha often forgets how powerful she is, which lessens her impact in battle.

1 Keles

In Legends of Vox Machina, Keyleth, the red-haired druid, holds a ball of lightning and her eyes glow with her power.

The most powerful player character in the game Key roleKeles ended sound machine In the game you play as the leader of the Ashanti and a druid with the power to shape the world. Her wild form allows her to act as a tank in battle, and her longevity means she can continue to protect her people for over 1,000 years. Moreover, the various spells she has mastered are monsters that can easily defeat any villain.

Well, as long as it’s not a huge cliff – Keles will struggle on huge cliffs. But, all jokes aside, no player character in Exandria is more powerful, or more popular, than the level 20 Keyleth of Ashari.Neither the most dangerous nor the most powerful villain Key role The character can defeat Keles with all his strength.

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