Lost Ark: Grangor’s Tooth Farming Guide

The Grangel’s Fang is one of the seven collectibles required to complete the Adventurer’s Book of Resramis lost box. More specifically, the player needs to collect Grangor x 10 total teeth to complete the item entry for the book. Similar to other collectibles like the Portal Stone or Plague Spores, the Grangor’s Fang is a monster dropped from killing enemies added to the continent of Lasramis. Unfortunately, there is no consistent rate lost box These collectibles are available to Western players, which means Grinding and RNG are central to obtaining Grangol’s Fang.

The main way for players to accumulate collectibles like Grangel’s Fang is by completing quests and exploring the vast kingdom of Resramis. While there’s no guarantee that fans will be able to successfully collect all the necessary teeth from Rexamis Adventurer’s Tome on their journey through the Rexamis region, it’s very likely that players will encounter some monsters. supplies for them. However, those who want to exclusively develop Grangor Fang will need to adopt more “sharpening” strategies.

As mentioned earlier, Grangol’s Fang can drop from any enemy at any time. However, some western players lost box More luck can be found by concentrating their farming in areas dense with elite enemies or constantly queuing for difficult cases. Fighting small bosses on the battlefield or world bosses is also a smart strategy to get rare loot like collectibles.

How to get Grangor’s Teeth from the Lost Chest

On the other hand, fans can view their host auction house at: lost box Buy Grangor’s teeth from other players. This method can be expensive, but it will certainly be useful for those who need an extra tooth or two to complete the collection entry. In addition, players can use the Auction House as the main source of collection by mining for gold instead of collecting it themselves. For example, one strategy players can use is to trade rare equipment or dungeon loot with other players for gold.

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When a Steam player enters lost box After collecting all the collectibles and completing all the objectives in the Resramis Adventurer’s Book, they will be able to receive the following rewards:

  • Phoenix Feather×10 – can be used to revive the player himself
  • Health Potion×30 – Restores 30% HP
  • Surprise Chest – Increases affinity with NPCs
  • Gustaven’s Holy Water – Increases affinity with NPCs.
  • Charisma Potion – Increases Charisma by 10
  • Stat Booster – Increases Strength, Agility and Intelligence by 5 points
  • Structure: Resramis Lion Statue – can be placed in a private fortress
  • Prideholme Neria Card
  • Expression: bored
  • Ignaa Token: Rethramis

lost box Available on PC via Steam.

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