The 10 Best Quotes From Meet The Robinsons

Meet the Robinsons An entertaining story full of touching moments, life lessons and memorable sayings. The film even quotes Walt Disney’s “Keep Moving On” as the Robinson family’s motto and makes it one of the film’s inspirational messages.

One of the most important lessons Lewis had to learn was to let go of the past so that he could build the future he wanted; Of course, that means defeating the hilarious villain he unwittingly created from his roommate, Goob, but it also leads to Goob’s redemption. There are also plenty of hilarious moments, from why the family dog ​​doesn’t wear contact lenses to the twins’ doorbell competition. Despite that, there are plenty of quotes for viewers to enjoy and reminisce about.


As Lewis and the audience discover, a lot will happen in the future. Several changes have taken place, such as the presence of travel tubes, time machines and robots. When Lewis meets Bud, he’s taken on a wild ride through the Robinsons, meeting everyone, including the family dog.

At the end of the day, dogs with glasses seem relatively normal compared to the meatball fights and doorbell challenges going on around the house. Plus, a future where there are glasses for dogs and insurance companies will pay for them is pretty cool and certainly helpful for any dog ​​with vision problems.

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“If this is over, I really want to leave with you, be quiet.”


Carl looked nervous during the meeting with the Robinsons

One of the best animated duos, Carl and Wilbur are obviously good friends and Carl cares about him. In a way, Carl is also Wilbur’s guardian angel, he always cares about Wilbur, and follows his situation closely, because Carl was the first to know Wilbur’s plight, long before Wilbur Bob’s family knows what happened.

Carl is also the voice of reason, ready to help as he tries to help Wilbur with his problems, even if he doesn’t necessarily agree with Wilbur’s tactics. He controls him; To be fair, Carl needed a break from time to time, especially when Wilbur was prone to trouble. However, after the events of the film, it can be said with certainty that Wilbur has eased off a bit and Carl has taken a break.

“Well, that’s random. It’s a random ring, it doesn’t count. It’s in the rule book. Look it up.”


Spike and Dimitri play the doorbell, Lewis meets the Robinsons in the middle

Dimitri and Spike are unforgettable movie twins who can watch visitors compete to see whose doorbell rings first and most. Lewis came across them when they suddenly emerged from the giant potted plants and urged him to ring the doorbell.

This is definitely a game that has been in development for a while and is serious enough to have a set of rules and protocols in place for it. The twins are part of the Robinson family’s overall entertainment, as each family member has their own quirky, fun personality. The twins are no exception and viewers have to compliment them on their tireless play.

“I have the caffeine patch! It’s my invention. You can stay awake for days on end with no side effects.”


Lucille visits Robinsons with coach and teacher

Lucille’s intro is definitely memorable. She’s a talented scientist, definitely with Doc Brown back to the future; in fact, they might have a nice conversation about Lucille’s invention of the caffeine patch. Maybe he can even help her out so there really won’t be any side effects.

Despite that, audiences loved Lucille’s cheerful and brave personality, and it was a happy ending when she and her husband Bud adopted Lewis and supported his scientific endeavors.

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“I have a date with fate.”


Goob looks scary while visiting Robinsons

The guy in the melon hat, aka Goob, walks into InventCo. Confident in the world, initially unaware that the Secretary was talking to someone else when he announced the above quote. Goob feels very successful, he’s ticked everything off his list and so far his plan is on track.

However, as viewers already know, his date with Fate ended up being very different. Although his initial efforts to change the past go wrong, he ends up getting a fresh start and a chance at a better life (with the help of course). by Lewis).

“I have a big head and small arms. I’m just not sure how the plan came to be.”

Tyrannosaurus rex

Tyrannosaurus tries to grab the boy out of reach because of his big head and small hands

Even though Lewis is being chased by a giant T-Rex controlled by Goob, the Disney movie still finds a way to turn the scary moment into fun with the quote above. As shown above, T-Rex is definitely not suitable to capture Lewis, especially since Lewis has found the sweet spot that his pursuers cannot reach.

Later in the film, Goob has the same problem again when his plans are questioned by Frankie, Franny’s singing frog. Goob is really inaccurate Team AHannibal Smith in the planning room, but his hilarious efforts and counterproductives are sure to get support.

“I’m always right. Even when I’m wrong, I’m right.”


Franny reaches for Lewis' hat while meeting the Robinsons

Surprisingly, Lewis has a knack for relationships in his adventures. Not only does Lewis see a good life and family ahead for him, but he also gets some helpful hints along the way (such as realizing he never needs to invent. out Doris, and know that even if his future wife is wrong, she is indeed right).

It’s funny how even his older one confirmed she was right. Apparently, there had been some misunderstanding over the years that she was right, and Lewis should have known that in advance, saving him headaches and headaches.

“When all you have to do is let go of the past and move on, you’re just focusing on the bad.”


Lewis looks pensive on 'Meet the Robinsons'

Lewis had an important epiphany when he learned the true identity of the Bowler Hat and why he wanted to ruin Lewis’ life. The epiphany concerns Lewis and Gubb and the lessons they must learn as they let go of the past and move on.

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It was in that moment that Lewis realized why that was his motto for the future, and why it was so important to not be bound by the past. The above quote is a timeless important life lesson and an inspiration to anyone facing a similar struggle.

“I never thought my dad would be my best friend.”


Wilbur and Lewis embrace in Meet the Robinsons

While the plot of the film focuses on Lewis and the life lessons he needs to learn about not letting failure hold him back, there is another important plot behind it. It’s about father and son. Wilbur makes mistakes and tries to make amends before he is finally caught and in big trouble, but it also gives him a chance to learn about his father through his past (by the end of the film, the two become friends). close friends, and Wilbur promised to show up more if Lewis needed him).

Viewers don’t know what Wilbur’s relationship with his father was like prior to filming, but if his friendship with young Lewis is anything to go by, it could help Wilbur get into a relationship. better relationship with his adult father. relationship.

“go on.”


Wilbur and Lewis on a spaceship to visit Robinsons

The above quote is actually taken from a speech by Walt Disney, as shown at the end of the movie. This is the inspiration and driving force behind the Robinson family. That’s the motto they say without hesitation, accept defeat happily and then exclaim: “Go on!”

At first, Lewis doesn’t quite agree with the family motto and even finds it annoying at times, but by the end of the film, he understands why his future self has chosen that particular motto. that body. Not everything in life is perfect, but putting in the effort and moving forward can make all the difference.

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