Walking Dead Theory: Rick Is A Villain In His Michonne Spinoff

After years of waiting, Rick Grimes is finally back zombiebut the hero who survived the zombie apocalypse could be the villain in his upcoming spin-off with Michonne. For nearly a decade, Andrew Lincoln’s Rick Grimes has been zombie, but he was eliminated in season nine because the cast wanted to spend more time with their family. In Rick’s absence, zombie managed to break away from an old storyline, but saw the biggest drop in ratings, proving fans want the series’ star back.

in the last episode zombie, fans got their wish, Rick Grimes appeared in the final scene of the show. The finale shows Rick trying to escape from the Citizen Republican Army, where he was captured by Jadis in Season 9, and Michonne also shows up as she continues her search for her imprisoned mate. Rick Grimes and Michonne’s spin-off will finally reunite zombie The most famous couple, but the funniest part of the show will be finding out what Rick does after leaving Alexandria.

Rick’s last scene in Walking Dead is a flashback

In spite of zombie The final moments after the Commonwealth conflict have skipped a year, with footage of Rick going back years. Rick hid Michonne in zombie The tenth season has been packed and thrown on board. Considering the time when Michonne discovered the iPhone, that means Rick’s return happens a few years before the upcoming spinoff.

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A lot could have changed in Rick Grimes at that point, and considering he may have been unhappy with being sent to CRM against his will, he’s more likely to be the bad guy in the game. your new community. Given his history, it wouldn’t be surprising if Rick’s drive to lead the CRM rebellion made him the bad guy in the eyes of the organization’s authoritarian leaders. But this plot is already available zombieso a more creative direction the spin-off could take is for Rick to become a prominent figure in the Citizen Republic’s military dictatorship.

Is CRM trying to get Rick on board?

A person stands on a muddy riverbank with his arms raised as a helicopter hovers above him with the blurred city skyline in the distance

The Walking Dead: The Afterlife CRM is revealed more than any other series in the franchise, and they prove to be a violent, ruthless group. That’s why CRM is zombie End instead of simply shooting him. But keeping him alive is consistent with the fact that Rick is considered an important asset of the Citizens Republic, Jadis said in beyond the world After explaining that her position of power in the community was given to her after she traded something of high value – Rick Grimes.

in spite of zombie It is still unclear why he is considered a high value asset by the CRM. It’s possible that Rick Grimes’ history of combat prowess and leadership experience make him the ideal candidate to lead part of the military. So despite Rick’s reluctance to join them in his finale, CRM keeps him alive with the expectation that he’ll eventually buckle up and be a part of the operation. its. This is consistent with how CRM recruited targets in the past, especially Hope in beyond this world.

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Rick as the villain explains why Michonne had to save him

Michonne holding a diary in the final episode of The Walking Dead

Even though Rick Grimes is zombieMuch like being a “Rick-tator” and slaying saviors who surrendered, he was never a complete villain. But that could change in the sideshow if the CRM manages to spread the word to him on its way. For example, having Rick order a team of soldiers to destroy the Allied Community of the Citizens Republic, which the group usually does, would demonstrate that he has gone from being a flawed hero of Alexandria to becoming a character. official antagonist.

Instead of letting Michonne simply find her mate and bring him home, making Rick the villain would create a richer backstory for the series. Sure, Michonne will have a few bad encounters with the undead and soldiers, but Danai Gurira’s character will need to do more. swinging the katana in episode 6 is highly anticipated zombie spin off. Having Michonne remind Rick of his old self and get him out of his new life in CRM would be an appropriate route as she is often Rick’s voice of reason. zombie.

Rick is the villain that will finish comparing him to Negan

Image of Negan mocking Rick in The Walking Dead

Rick and Negan are often compared because they both rationalize their gruesome acts of violence as a crime necessary to keep their respective groups alive. However, Negan went too far as the leader of the Saviors, the heartless dictator who emotionally abused his many “wives”, openly burned lawbreakers, and beat Glenn to death and Abraham with Lucille. If Rick becomes a senior officer in the Citizens Republic, then he will have to commit crimes similar to what Negan did to help CRM become a stronger community.

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Rick Grimes’ inevitable redemption arc adds to Negan’s similarities. Negan has redeemed himself many times since the Savior’s conflict with Alexander, and Rick must do the same before he can be reunited with his family and friends. With Michonne’s help, Rick is able to use his position in the CRM to overthrow its tyrannical leader from within, allowing the zombie apocalypse survivors to live in peace. zombie He’s taken more risks since Rick Grimes left and bringing him back as a villain would be their biggest risk, but it could be a huge hit.

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